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Your Spiritual Advisor on Vancouver Island

Spiritual Advisor Vancouver Island

Welcome to Spiritual Awakening for Empaths, your roadmap to getting your sensitive life under control.

I'm Debra, spiritual advisor, here to help you make sense of the changes you've been going through since your Spiritual Awakening. I offer practical solutions to help you navigate our current times.

My aim is to help life flow with more ease for you. I want to help you feel more connected to yourself and the earth, as you progress in your spiritual awakening journey. 

Through different services like psychic intuitive readings and energy healing, to intuitive life coaching and spiritual mentorship, you're fully covered when we join forces. 

Whether you need a roadmap, a torch or a tune up, I can support you along your unique path to becoming the Hero of your own myth. 

Life should be magical- you've known that since you were small. Looking around our world, you may ask yourself, what is this bullshit? Why is our world so cruel and primitive? 

That's how you know you were meant to be here for these times.

We are going through a really unique transition as a species, and although things look dark and sometimes even insurmountable, I assure you that we are well into the birth canal. 

Things will shift for the better on our planet, but how long that takes, and at what cost, is up to us. Both as individuals, by what we allow to continue to exist in our personal lives, and as societies, by how much truth we can face and take ownership for.

Meanwhile, things are tough. That’s why you’re reading this page. You’re looking for answers. How will you manage it? And how to know if you're focusing on the right things?

All that's rotten and ugly at the core is coming up to be exposed and healed- at the macro level in our governments, societies, and environment, as well as the micro- in our friends, family, even ourselves.

It can be confusing and anxiety producing if you don't know what the heck is going on.

But actually this is very positive sign. These old ways first have to self-implode  before we can rebuild anew. 

What an opportunity to be on the planet right now, to be a part of it, with your frequency and your unique coding. 

Want to learn more about how you can thrive in these times AND make a difference in the world? 

Wish you knew more about your role, gifts, challenges, or your pacing along the way? 

How about some skills to navigate these times with more ease and confidence? 

Or strategies that are aligned with the answers to some of life's biggest questions?

If you're new to my work and want coaching, my SAFE intro course is the place to start. In just 8 weeks, you'll learn the fundamentals to get the most out of affordable weekly group coaching with me. 

At Spiritual Awakening for Empaths, I believe YOU are in control of your future. Just because you’ve hit some bumps in the road doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten how to drive your car.

In fact, everything life puts you through is meant to shape the person you can become. 

So if you’re looking to regain control of your life and be more successful, with more confidence, flow and feelings of wellness and connection, you’ve come to the right place. This is the sign you've been looking for. Contact me today!

With Love on your Journey

x Debra


What others are saying

about Vancouver Island Intuitive Life Coaching and Spiritual Mentorship with me

S.A.F.E allowed me to confront and find parts of myself I didn't know existed. Each session I found that I became more in tune, more in love and involved with myself. Things I had been struggling with came to the light and were cleared. The community that is built within S.A.F.E is truly beautiful. Once a week you meet and become a part of each other’s process to become aligned with your higher self. There is so much love in those sessions. 
The S.A.F.E course taught me much more than I could have ever imagined. From it I feel at ease, I feel powerful, I feel aligned with my purpose and no longer fear life - I embrace it.
Debra is everything and more. A real and true gift in anyone’s life. She shares her gifts with you and unlocks your own.


Working with Debra has changed the trajectory of my personal awakening and my life in general - for the better! Before working with Debra, I was constantly searching. Searching for a teacher, searching for a deeper meaning, searching for a place to feel seen - just.. searching.. endlessly. But, never quite finding where I belonged.  

After meeting Debra and engaging in her weekly course and coaching, I finally feel like I found a safe space where I can rest. A space where I can lay down my endless search, and just be. 

It’s been about 8 months now and I feel like a whole new person. I feel stronger, more embodied, and more empowered. And, every week, I still find myself excited about our calls. Like, a child excited for a play date with her best friends. 

I’m so grateful for this community and I will always recommend Debra and her services to anyone and everyone who will listen! 


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