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Vancouver Island Energy Healing for Spiritual Awakening and Ascension

Welcome to Spiritual Awakening for Empaths, a place where you can get the resources you need, wherever you are on your spiritual journey, and whatever your budget. Thanks so much for dropping by!

As your Vancouver Island Energy Healing specialist, I'm not new to this exciting metaphysical field, and that matters a lot these days, when there's so much conflicting information on the web

The truth is, I wouldn’t be in any position to help you with your spiritual awakening symptoms or ascension symptoms, without first having done the work myself.

Just relax, take a look around. You're in good hands.

You see, after my spontaneous spiritual awakening more than 20 years ago, my life changed completely. I had no idea what was happening to me as I underwent radical personality changes and a huge paradigm shift.

Everything in my life changed- my health, my relationships, my priorities and goals. I’d never relate to the world in the same way again.

Does that sound familiar?

But do you know what the worst thing about Awakening was? After the joy and bliss faded, I was left hyperaware... of how broken I was.

There were so many emotional wounds- attachments, trauma, unconscious patterns, conditioned beliefs. I thought, “No one else can fix this but me”. 

Spiritual Awakening is such a personal journey, only YOU can make your way. But you can save time, money and heartache if you have a Spiritual Awakening Guide to show you the ropes. Especially when it comes to the energetic changes that your body goes through.

What can you expect? Is ‘doing the work’ really worth it?  Yes! Undoubtedly so. You, too, can reach the place where life not only makes sense again, but you have the tools, discipline and wisdom fashion your reality, according to the natural laws that govern this planet.

We are here to interface with our environment creatively, not just survive. The New Human is not a victim of their environment, but a type of being that can bring forward new realities.

This is the purpose of your Awakening. It’s the catalyst to get you to this level. When you are embodied like this, you can make real, lasting change in our world.

The things I used to worry about? I don’t worry about them anymore. Bad luck streaks? A thing of the past. As I learned more about my true (angelic) human nature as a result of my awakening, I also learned to trust my ability to handle whatever was coming. 

This is self-mastery, and it's what you get to enjoy as you accelerate in your personal ascension.

I don’t hustle or stress like I used to. Sure, life still throws you curveballs, but now I have an arsenal of tools and new, upgraded human abilities to get me through. I interface quite smoothly with my environment, and I'm not limited by all the drama unfolding on the lower timeline. That's not my playing field.

All this to say that this can be yours, too. I was a self-destructive nihilist before my Awakening, not a nun or a yogi. In fact, I was very broken, doing harm to myself and others, before I started to get my shit together. 

What changed? A LOT had to change and I had to drop a lot of old patterns before things started to improve. 

This is what I can help you with. And I can save you time, money and heartache by getting you there faster.

Not only do I have the frequency to help you re-calibrate to this new way of being, but I have more than 20 years of hashing it out. 

Awakening can be a really intense experience for some. For me, I was out of commission for six months. I couldn’t return to a job or normal life for quite some time because my energy was all over the place. I didn’t know how to make sense of what was happening to my body or to my energy. But through trial and error, I figured it out. 

Sure, there are plenty of spiritual awakening guides out there who say they can help you. But are they on the correct frequency? And do they understand how energy healing works in the context of Awakening? Are they getting results? What does their life look like?

In my view, getting some intuitive energy healing by someone who has the correct frequency is the fastest way to get your life back in control after spiritual awakening.

A big mistake a lot of people make on their spiritual journey is to force open their 3rd eye. This can have unexpected consequences, and leave you susceptible to lower frequency influences if you aren’t careful. Opening the 3rd eye happens all by itself when your body is ready for it.

Every human being on the planet has the ability to ascend with the planet to the next frequency bandwidth. In fact, becoming an empath is just a sign that your heart chakra has activated at a higher level.

When your DNA activates, so does your ability to “see” into the next dimensional frequency bandwidth. You start to merge with it, and as a result you begin to experience heightened emotions and intuit the emotions and motivations of others. This is a very natural part of the personal ascension process.

The thing is, when you start to see clairvoyantly, or experience the unseen realms through downloads or channeling,  you can also become overwhelmed by all the lower astral energies that also live there. This can leave you feeling sad, angry, powerless and stuck.

Think of the hidden realms as a kind of sorting ground for all kinds of energies that you can’t see with your regular eyes, in your everyday ‘reality’. Not all are positive, even if they are high frequency. 

When you begin your personal ascension, you awaken to this astral realm. Now you have access to it, but because of all the underworld/ dead energies also here,  it isn’t necessarily a place where you should spend a lot of time.

The more time you do spend here, the more likely you’ll absorb those  energies and begin to feel sad, lost, stuck, tired, and angry.

As your Vancouver Island energy healing specialist, I can help you to clear yourself of these Awakening or Ascension symptoms. With more than 20 years of experience raising my own frequency through DNA activation, I now have activated within me the ability to help others, simply by being in my presence.

That includes online energy healing sessions, which are just as effective as in-person sessions because I work at the quantum level.

Because I believe energy healing and clearing is so important to keep up with the rising energies on the planet, I now offer them by donation.

Click here to book your first clearing with me and Pay What Feels Good. 

With Love on your Journey

x Debra