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Your Empath Child

Intuitive support for you and your empath or starseed child

  • 50 minutes
  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • In-person in Nanaimo or Online with Google Meet

Service Description

You’ll know you have an empath or Starseed child because of the profound wisdom they show from very early ages. They'll have strong empathy, intuition, and they may be very headstrong. If you are a conscious parent, you might already know that you’ve been tasked with helping your sensitive earth angel adapt to the realities of a harsh world. So what to do when things get tricky? Starseed children might need a lighter touch as they generally do not respond well to authoritarian disciplinary styles. This is due to their extreme emotional and psychic sensitivity as well as their unique starseed coding. Indigo starseeds for instance are genetically coded to detect oppressive or tyrannical control structures because part of their missions entail breaking away from these structures in favour of more humane or unifying ones. Crystal, Rainbow and Indigo Starseeds will also need coping skills for their extreme sensitivity and intuitive empath gifts. Additionally, they need protection from electromagnetic pollution, harsh chemicals, and the toxic emotions that they unconsciously filter for others. There are ways to teach your child how to mitigate their sensitivity to their environments without shielding them from the world. Book a consult with me today to help you with any challenges you feel are foreign to you, or if you need a little help in better understanding your child’s needs from a spiritual or energetic perspective.

Cancellation Policy

Strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Sorry, no refunds.

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