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tarot reading nanaimo

Classic Energy Reading

Come with questions, leave with answers

  • 50 minutes
  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • In-person in Nanaimo or Online via Google Meet

Service Description

I'm not your typical psychic and I don't do fortune telling. I do not channel, read cards or work with guides, nor is this mediumship. Please understand how I work before you book. Instead, I read energy patterns and probabilities based on what's happening in your field right now. The future's not set in stone. You have free will to make choices that can change your future. You can read more about this on my FAQ page. My readings are very accurate and my specialty is zoning in onto something or someone specific and reading the energy there. I will have a lot to say once I can connect to your field. This requires your participation and why you must come with specific questions (see below for samples). If you try to "test me" by withholding, I will not be able to offer as much insight. The best readings happen when we can form a deeper connection. The more open your heart is, the better your reading will be. For help on formulating questions, SEE BELOW. For in-person readings, remember your recording device. **************************** Open-ended questions are best for transition periods and for when you're seeking and feeling a bit lost. They offer the most direction and depth of insight. Examples of open-ended questions: What do I need to know (about...)? How can I move forward (from...)? What changes do I need to make now? How can I make progress with...? What's holding me back in...? Is there a better way for me to approach..? What else do I need to know at this time? Specific, short and succinct questions are more valuable for approaching PROBLEMS. These questions are more appropriate to gain exceptional insight and perspective into things you are currently struggling with. Examples of specific, problem-focused questions: Is it in my highest good to...? What does my Higher Dimensional Self think about...? How can I fix/ solve/ release/ change.....? Why can't I seem to...? What's the best way for me to...? Why did... happen to me? What's the best course of action for me at this time regarding....? What can you tell me about....? What's the best way to...? What am I supposed to learn from...?

Cancellation Policy

Strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Sorry, no refunds.

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