Why You Need a Daily Spiritual Practice

Do you really need to have a daily spiritual practice?

In a nutshell, YES.

Having a daily spiritual practice has so many benefits both to the novice and Old Hat that you're doing a disservice to yourself if you don't already carve out space for one.

While life gets in the way and nobody's perfect, you should aim to engage your practice each and every day. There are reasons for this, which I'll get into in a minute.

In the spirit of sharing, I'll tell you that my practice has 3 parts, but I have been meditating daily for 20 years and so I've worked up to that.

I begin by setting up the ritual by lighting some candles or incense, saying a short prayer, or I might play my crystal singing bowl to help me shift into the heart space.

Then I'll do a short traditional Vipassana-style meditation. Lastly, if there's extra time, I'll run energy or tone my chakras.

You don't have to have 3 components in your practice, especially if you're a novice. In fact, if you're a beginner or you've recently had a Kundalini activation, and your Kundalini is currently active, I don't recommend too much sitting meditation at all. It's better to get grounded outside, do some deep belly breathing, or exercise.

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I flow with the components in my daily practice depending on my spiritual and energetic needs that day.

When there are a lot of cosmic upgrades or transformational energies coming from the sun, I do more energy work because meditation can be more difficult for me then.

This is because transformational energies often have a purging effect. You'll notice that you might have got a lot of thoughts or you get stuck on some emotional point so it's harder to disengage from the mind.

This is completely normal.

I just follow my inner guidance and incorporate and change things up on those days instead of getting frustrated about my inability to meditate deeply. This is when you can try a sound toning chakra meditation, do breathwork or get on your yoga mat, instead.

Or you could try dynamic (moving) meditation like Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi, or just plain old exercise on those days when you can't sit or calm your mind.

When you're in flow while exercising, that's a kind of meditation, too because you're not thinking of anything else besides what your body is doing in the moment.

Other times Ascension waves roll in that make it easy to meditate and connect to the ineffable bliss of All That Is.

Your practice will be unique to you. Over time you'll come to know what your spirit and energy bodies need.

Benefits of a Regular Spiritual Practice

Some of the most notable benefits of having regular practice are

  • it's anchoring

  • it's nurturing

  • it's empowering

  • it's toning

1. Daily spiritual practice anchors you and leaves you feeling grounded.

Like going for that early morning run, the spiritual effects of practice stay with you all day.

With repetition you feel more certain in your creative, spiritual power over the course of your human experience. When life gets harry, you can see the forest for the trees.

It gets easier to detach from the drama that your ego whips up and remember that you're a transcendent being with creative power wearing a human suit.

The more you connect to your badass self, the better you'll be able to tell the difference between the unconscious scripts of your Wounded Self and the small voice of the Inner Self outside of meditative practices.

2. Daily prayer and connecting to the Divine through your heart is nurturing.

As we dive into gratitude, the Divine Mother whispers back to us and we feel cradled in her arms. We are reminded that we are not alone.

Connecting to the Divine leaves you feeling connected to everything and everyone.

If you take to walking in nature as part of your practice, you'll be reminded that we live in a microcosm and that Earth herself was designed to support our human experiences.

The trees, the animals, the water, and other people we meet are all connected through Spirit.

On that level we know we are all playing roles assisting one another along our unique journeys on this planet.

When you get discouraged or feel disconnected, you can always find a tree or animal who will listen, and maybe even send you healing wisdom.

When I am going through challenging times, I go to my favourite forest and I talk aloud as I walk, asking Spirit to help me align with my inner light.

Over the years I've come to know Spirit as a nurturing parent. We all have days of discouragement and inadequacy; we only need to ask and we can be touched by Grace.

Spirit is always there to nurture us and give us the strength to go on, but we must be open to receiving an answer when we call, even if it feels like we are succumbing to the negative scripts of our Wounded Self.

3. Connecting to Spirit daily is empowering.

It reminds us we are not victims of circumstance but co-creators of our reality.

The more reflective we are and the calmer our minds, the more clearly we can see how we are made in the image of a Creator God.

Through connection we recognize our creative power in our very energetic substance, at the quantum level, which allows us to draw experiences and opportunities to us.

Focusing the power of consciousness to make choices, state our desires, directing our will and drawing in- these are innate abilities of all human beings and how we actually help to co-create in our holographic reality.

This ability to consciously create on a sophisticated level is what separates us from animals and plants, who don't see themselves as separate from Other and therefore interface with the environment more instinctually.

4. Daily disciplined practice is toning.

Like going to the gym for those 'big guns', practicing meditation keeps the muscle of 'no-mind' strong.

It reduces brain chatter and the berating of your inner critic as you disengage from the mental plane to enter the heart.

'Going back to the breath' strengthens your ability to interrupt conditioned patterns and change focus.

Deep breathing, running energy and visualization tones and strengthens your inner vision and clairsentience. You become better at sensing, directing and even seeing energy.

It's also good for bringing us back to centre so we don't succumb to what I call 'Snow Globe Reality', when we over-identify with our mortal humanness and lose the courage or perspective to be more fearless in how we live.

It helps us stay awake when the natural inclination is to go back to the programs we run on auto-pilot in the background.

What about you? Have you got a daily spiritual practice? Share in the comments below.

with Love on your Journey

x Debra

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