When You Ask, Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

When you're first Awakening, it’s natural to ask, What am I doing here?

The simplest, most straightforward answer I can give you is that, in general, physical experience is about expressing the intelligent, loving energy of spirit in physical form. It is why we come to any planet or time matrix where consciousness can take on physical form.

What else is there to do with our time as infinite consciousness? We decide to go places and take on form in order to have experiences.

For you, it means being consciouness in a Human Body.

But for some of us, who have been here a very long time, we first came here on a rescue mission, over 75,000 years ago.

That was after the Earth experienced her second pole shift and the entire human race was wiped out again, for a second time. You might even have memories or dreams of the sinking of Atlantis, as I do.

You are here as a result of a 3rd genetic seeding of the Human Race on our planet. The Indigos (founder races) were the first ones to incarnate here, to preserve the holographic template for the Angelic (immortal) Human Race. (1)

If you are an Indigo, you have been here ever since, hiding these ancient codes in your biology. It also means that through the millenia, you've interbred with more hostile extraterrestrial races who have also been active on our planet. You might have memories of this, too.

This interbreeding has created genetic distortions in the original Angelic Human template (1). Distortions that must now be healed for us to continue to Ascend together with our planet.

There is a whole secret galactic history to our earth story, in which our souls have been trapped on Earth, without the ability to ascend, for over 200,000 years. We have been trapped here, in distorted mortal Human Form, in a Soul Harvest Re-incarnation Cycle.

This is why you feel at a very deep level, that things aren’t supposed to be the way they are here. It’s why you have always felt that you never quite fit in. Why everything feels backwards or the planet may even seem barbaric to you.

It explains why you have a very strong desire to ‘go home’ or to ‘be with your people’.

You know, deep under the layers, that you have been trapped here, but you can’t remember why or how.

And you are right.

This is NOT the way things were supposed to be here. We should have had many opportunities to Ascend off this planet, but despite thousands of years of Galactic help from Guardians beyond our time matrix, that's not how the cookie crumbled.

In 2012, we should have had a physical Ascension up to 5D. That was the plan. But for various reasons beyond the scope of this blog, that could not happen.

Instead, we have a new Ascension plan. One that cannot be thwarted or stopped. Thanks to Dispensations from the Highest Cosmic Councils, earth now has a failsafe Ascension plan. But it is not the one you are hearing about from the Galactic Federation.

But it is why we more and more of us are waking up. For the first time in over 200,000 years, it's time to evacuate.

This is why Spiritual Awakening is such a gift. The original rescue mission to preserve the Angelic Human template is re-awakening. Through the Grace of Divine Source Love, we can wake ourselves up again so we can 'go home'.

Starseeds often talk about Ascending to a higher dimension where everything is “as it should be”, free from the violence and oppression so prevalent in our world. But at the same time, many don’t stop to think how it requires great effort, focus and sacrifice to create those kinds of societies.

How can you do that if you’ve been asleep, unconscious of your true nature as powerful creator beings, indelibly connected to the source field of loving, infinite intelligence?

How can you do that if there have been forces on the planet, for millennia, who have not wanted us to wake up and 'go home'? For if we did, they would lose their source of life and die.

Why? These artificial, soul-less beings, form part of inorganic creation and have no indelible connection to the Source Field of Infinite Intelligence. They are forced to live like parasites, siphoning off a host. The have very solid, very real structures in place in the astral realms to re-direct human souls back to the planet, in a reincarnation cycle. This is how they stay alive.

These same ones have strong voices in the New Age. They use many unwitting channels to spread their lies to confuse and manipulate the Starseeds who so desperately want to go home. This is how myths of False Light Ascension, of an imminent Golden Age, of Disclosure are perpetuated.

This is why you are so often let down by the channelings you read. It is all in the design to keep you asleep, misinformed, and very much stuck on this planet as a soul-battery.

We have been asleep, oppressed and programmed, for a very long time, Starseeds.

If you want to Ascend off planet and get out of the reincarnation cycle here, you need to know the whole story.

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with Love on your Journey

x Debra

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