The Future is Here: New Moon Energy Report February 2021

Updated: Mar 24

Happy New Moon in Aquarius, Empaths!

New Moon in Aquarius Energy Report February 2021: The Future is Here

I want to share the shift of energy that I experienced last night as a result of the 6 planets in Aquarius with the New moon. Mind you, this shift has been trying to settle in for me for the last 8 weeks or so, but finally something clicked last night. Thank goodness, I say!

I'll admit that the last while I’ve felt a bit heavy and weary from being so red-pilled by the Guardian MaterialTM at the beginning of 2020. If you were waiting for a big revelation or Ascension event to happen on December 21st, 2020, maybe you can relate.

I know that Ascension won’t happen the way that we hoped it would but I think that recently I've been a bit too focused on the descending timeline. Combined with what we've been seeing in our external reality due to C-19, it kind of crept up on me this winter without me really noticing it until I was already 'down in it'.

When you're too smart for your own good

My problem seems to be that I can be so critically-minded, when people start to talk about the New Earth and 5D Ascension, I just shut down. Because I know 'too much' and I'm impervious to all kinds of misinformation and propaganda, the realist in me goes, "oh not this escapist fairy tale baloney again".

But I realize that I've been throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It's not helping me to keep riding that ‘reality train’, nor is it the (Aquarian) way forward.

Some say that life is full of unexplained chaos. But when you see it as malevolence and planned chaos, as I do, it can be hard to stay positive all the time.

In my workshops, I teach that we need to not be victims as a result of feeling that life is unfair. That we should pull up our bootstraps and stay in our sovereign power to create. Yet, I admit, I have been recently unwittingly carrying a weariness around this while plugging forward with a brave face.

I'll be honest, it's been hard to feel light and fluffy the last while. It's true that we've been heavy in the Capricorn energy for some time but now with the shift of Saturn + 5 more planets into Aquarius, setting a trend for all of 2021, I can really sense something starting to significantly lift. The energy does feel lighter.

Building Vision, Building Bridges

I'm realizing just how important it is to have a vision for the future that is positive and nourishing. I need something to latch onto, a bridge to carry me over the timelines into the Aquarian future. I can think of one thing in particular that would be radically different, a veritable break from the old timeline: intentional community living.

Just because (vertical) Ascension as we’d hoped isn’t happening, doesn’t mean that we can’t look forward to:

1) more people awakening

2) more people helping each other and doing innovative and humanity focused things

3) an increase in people living in smaller, more intentional communities again

4) return of the hippie energy (in 1962 there were 7 planets in Aquarius)

5) an influx of innovative tech and telepathy that will improve lives

It might not be accurate to call it New Earth, but there's a whole other portion of the population, made of Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and other starseeds, who are forming a new kind of fringe society.

We are the new humans, after all.

Plus we have that ability to co-create and manifest so much faster now with the increase in Awakening energies, combined with the energetic split from the lower timeline. There will be 2 timelines after all, not just the apocalyptic one.

We're moving closer towards total split in Nov 2023, when Pluto leaves Capricorn so it's a good idea to get some firm footing starting now. Or you might be left feeling a bit lost in limbo.

I've had dreams of skipping over blacked out parts of the matrix when not knowing how to move forward. We are in new territory but nothing has been built here yet. We need to start dreaming our new matrix to life.

Where will you be? In the woods? On an island? In the country? At sea? Imagine who would be there. Now who else? If you could dream a kind of life where things were easier, what would that look like?

Recently I've been floating the idea of the 'family village'. As you know, I think a lot. So I asked myself a bunch of questions. Does everyone pitch in of their own accord? Do we grow our own food? Is there ample childcare? How are the Elders integrated? Is there a village 'constitution'? How are connection and community fostered? Will the land be bought together?

In my view, it can be hard to stay high vibe and moving towards a more positive future without a concrete vision of what that could look like. It should also turn your crank. That's why it's important to take the time to carve one out.

This ties in with the directive for Dream Weaving that I wrote about in the January 2021 Energy Report.

Feed Your Mind, Nourish Your Soul

As I see it, the problem seems to be that I don't seem to get enough of the good news in my Youtube feed. We are much more isolated at the moment and therefore more susceptible to depressing news. People are going through rough times and they're not holding back on social media, either.

Mainstream media is not covering positive developments, and since those who are already embodying the New Way are still a minority, you aren't going to get a proportionate amount of the good stuff in your feed anyhow.

How many documentaries are there that spotlight intentional communities? Plus, who's to say that people living in their intentional communities and homesteading are even on social media broadcasting their lives, right? This is what the Aquarius energy is saying to me. It’s saying, just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. It's telling me to be much more deliberate about where I put my focus. I don't want to be helping to fulfil a dark agenda by getting stuck in that energy.

It's going to take more focus moving forward to pull ourselves back. Like a plane that's gone off course, we'll need to be more diligent about living on the higher timeline. Especially with a strong media headwind.

New Moon Intentions

My problem is, because I'm an Indigo, I am encrypted to expose corruption and hypocrisy, plus I work a lot in the shadows for my job. Heaviness can creep up on me if I'm not diligent. Even those of us who are super conscious can be pulled into the grime if we aren't actively working to balance our Shadow Work.

Therefore, for the new moon (and next 6 mos), my intention is to:

• change the material I'm watching to focus on more positive developments

• be more of an observer when I see dark news and people wearing masks

• focus on things that uplift me to balance my serious/ warrior energy and my job

• connect more with people who uplift me

• plan future travel to live in different intentional communities worldwide

• laugh more!

How about you, empath? Have you had any recent shifts or got seeds you're planting this new moon? Share in the comments.

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