The #1 Secret to Raise your Vibration

Learning to access the wisdom of your Higher Self is a critical skill to be able to jump timelines and stay high-vibe. I highly encourage that you establish your own direct line of communication with your Higher Self as early as possible after Spiritual Awakening for many reasons, but especially to learn spiritual discernment and help you embody more wisdom.

Because that's how you learn to stay high-vibe.

First, find ways to quiet the mind and especially the emotions. It’s almost impossible to hear the wisdom of the Higher Self with an overactive, anxious mind. I recommend finding a means of relaxing the body and mind that reliably works for you, for instance through hypnotic induction or meditation.

When practised regularly, hypnosis trains the subconscious to allow a new kind of communication to take place and can help you learn to meditate faster.

Meditation is, in my view, the most reliable way to begin to establish connection with your Higher Self.

You cannot hear the quiet voice of your Higher Self with an overactive or anxious mind. Meditation trains you to learn to disconnect from the 'monkey mind' that chatters away and keeps you locked into lower emotional states.

When you learn to disengage from the mental plane and watch your thoughts, you also learn to rescript your negative thoughts into more positive ones. This helps raise your vibration and gives you access to more of your Source Connection or Heartspace.

Heartspace is the place where you can finally hear the wisdom of your Higher Self. This isn't complicated; it just takes some practice to learn to disengage from an overactive mind and to learn to dialogue with your core feelings again.

This is why meditation is the best skill you can master in the beginning stages of your Spiritual Awakening.

Clarify Your Connection with Higher Self

After you have learned to meditate, you then take steps to clarify or strengthen the connection over time.

This is done through purification activities of the mind, body and sprit.

Proper diet, adequate rest and clean water ensure your nervous system is equipped to send and receive signals to your Higher Self for communication.

Making art, being creative, helping others, playing with children and animals, and being in nature are all ways to raise your vibration and strenghthen open communication channels to the HS because they help to open your heart chakra and keep it open.

Your Source connection is experienced throught the Heart chakra portal. If you want to raise your vibration and embody more of your Source connection, you want to focus on interfacing with the world through the heart chakra.

Engaging in heart-centred activities keeps you in the frequency range that eventually becomes the language of the Higher planes and your Higher Self.

Getting Specific

Doing this with conscious intent, you can experiment. At the start of your creative, service-oriented or family related activity, set the intention to dialog with the Higher Self and learn its ‘language’. The following phrases are meant to guide you.

“Higher Self, please help me with (xyz/ problem)”.

“Higher Self, please help me find a solution to (xyz/ problem).”

“Higher Self, please reveal healing wisdom to me about (xyz/ problem).”

The Higher Self always fulfills your request if you ask it sincerely for the purposes of wishing to use the wisdom or knowledge for GOOD.

But you must also be patient while learning this new skill and it may take some time before you are able to fully hear the messages or understand them. You are learning a new language after all, and one that is not rational or linear in its delivery despite the comprehensive and fully-aligned solutions you can expect to receive.

Want to learn more about connecting to your Higher Self or what your Higher Self wants to tell you? Book a 1:1 with me. You’ll receive explicit instructions on how to connect to your Higher Self based on your unique energy and makeup, plus any other juicy details to help you on your Spiritual Awakening journey.

x Debra

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