Summer Solstice June 2021 Energy Report

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The red flags are: IDENTITY & PROGRAMS

Empath, this month you’re being tasked with concentrating yourself and filling in your form by committing to a starting point and command centre. Think of this as operating from the ‘bridge’ of your new Multidimensional ship or vessel.

In this energy reading, NUCLEUS is the core onto which everything else latches for stability moving forward, like spokes on a wheel.

It is the expression of your multidimensional essence in one particular direction as the foundation for future expansion out of PROGRAMMING. Again, it's about embodying your sovereignty.

This New Moon on June 10, which also happens to be a solar eclipse, my advice is to pick something and make it the core of your life, the centrepiece on the table, the hub. This will give you more stability for the times ahead when we are learning a whole new way of operating without a script.

At the end of last year, we spoke of getting into position to be able to lead the change in the world vibrationally. Now we have done that and are understanding more of what it means to be multidimensional, it’s time to get into position materially.

Basically, you need something to anchor your multidimensional self so you don’t fly away.

That could be dedicating yourself to a relationship, a home or family dynamic, your career, a volunteer position, a routine or any kind of project. This is the time for physical action and emotional COMMITMENT to the centrepiece of your life.

If you've been drifting, stop and collect yourself. What is it that needs the most of your undiluted attention?

That is what’s going to be your STILL POINT for EMBODIMENT, the NUCLEUS for your stability in the challenging months ahead.

Again, if you’re not sure what that is, just pick something so you don’t drift out to see when the next set of big waves roll in.

Because they will.

Portal of Beginnings and Endings

Also, now during this portal, there must a willingness to let dreams die that can’t come into the future with you.

Illusions are now being exposed for what they are: fantasies. Right now, you or loved ones might be undergoing huge revelations or awakenings, especially if you’ve been naively holding onto a dream that has yet to materialize. When dreams die, it can feel like a part of your IDENTITY is dying and you might not want to let go.

It's also important to face certain new age manifestation PROGRAMS that keep us distracted with pie in the sky aspirations like building healing centres, inheriting a castle and that new vehicle on your screensaver.

If you aren't already well on your way towards these things and are holding out for them, get your head out of the clouds. Just because you do gridwork and your healer can see it in your vortex doesn't mean it will manifest.

While I know this is painful, the hole you just fell into? That's the place for new roots to grow.

This month we need to move beyond fantasizing and visualizing to sinking your teeth into something and living it out, even if that scares the crap out of you. You simply won't be able to keep pretending that things are working.

If you’ve been following my energy reports for sometime, you’ll know that since December I’ve been telling you to be Dreamweavers.

Well, now you should have in front of you and all around you, the structures that you’ve been dreaming of. Look around. Have they shown up?

Dreams can’t be the NUCLEUS to carry you forward into the end of 2021 and beyond; they're not solid enough to get you over the bumps ahead.

If they haven’t yet materialized, have the courage to kiss them goodbye and face what's in front of you.

If you have been on the fence about a relationship, returning to a job, or thinking about a move, now is the time to COMMIT.

For the times ahead, pour yourself into something that is in front of you right now, that has its own gravitational force and that creates its own momentum of positive energy or passion.

Look around you in your immediate vicinity. What are you already actively consumed with right now that feels good? Not with your mind but with your body. That’s the place to start. That will be your NUCLEUS.

From there you will begin to express and embody more of who you really are, more of your multidimensional self. Imagine yourself as a tree, growing strong, stable roots before reaching up to the sun. You must first anchor down before you can spread out.

You'll want to be well in position materially before October.


Understanding multidimensionality begins with remembering you can take any shape or form and pour yourself into that, without identifying with it.

This month the red flags are IDENTITY & PROGRAMMING. You'll have the chance to practice acting from the moment, not from what you've been conditioned to think is an appropriate response while you were doing a task. We are being asked to go off-script.

It's important to let go and be more spontaneous, seeing how you feel like being in the moment. If you find yourself getting into trouble this month, stop and ask if you are acting a certain way because you learned that from someone else or because that's what's expected of you in that situation. To remedy, how would you react had you never been modeled that before?

IDENTITY says you are: a parent, a healer or a social worker, an artist, a writer or a student and therefore you will say certain things and respond in ways that traditionally have been aligned with those roles.

But you are so much more than this. Effectively you are not the role, even when you wear it briefly. (If you find yourself putting on a persona, then you are still acting from a degree of PROGRAMMING).

Instead, be fluid. Try to pour yourself into an activity spontaneously, without calculating how you should be, based on what's expected of you or how you think things need to go.

Multidimensional is livestreaming, not previously recorded.

You are not your mind

Haven’t you ever noticed that you are not just patient or impatient but you are both? You aren’t just stubborn or easy going but you are both. You flow into different expressions in any given moment, you are not just one or the other. You can be all of them without being confined to any one of them.

Multidimensionality is why you can learn different things. You can be musical or not, you can learn to be artistic or mechanically minded. We say the brain is plastic yet when you learn new things, you’re actually coding for proteins that activate DNA at a quantum level.

It’s time to get away from identifying with personal characteristics, jobs or family roles and think more in terms of the wholeness of your essence and how versatile you are.

What is animating you? Not your mind. You’re not your body either. You express materially through your genetic information, via a body. It is your suit through which YOU play with space and time.

If you think of your body as a vessel or an instrument, you are not the instrument, like you aren't the clay or the wheel. You are the essence that plays a tune on the instrument and imagines the future shape of the clay.

You guide your vessel, you animate it, navigating the natural world. That is materially how you are showing up here on the planet, via activity as well as being still. When you are breathing or feeling, you are still showing up here, working the clay.

But, have you noticed that on the other hand, thinking does not lead to action? It leads to more thinking, planning, or scheming and doubting? Thinking and acting do not necessarily correlate.

Action might come after thinking, but never because of it. This is because acting is spontaneous. You don’t think about your hand moving to pick up a glass to drink from it. You don't direct body movements with your mind.


When you flow into the task at hand, conjuring up all your power to tackle it, you are more real than you ever are. You are the most solid when you are being effective and when you are acting change.

That’s when your multidimensional self is here, embodied.

You aren’t a personality but more a flavour, an oeuvre, or a song. You are a complex symphony of different elements, and how you flow into action is you BEING you.

Embodying multidimensionality requires breaking free from the idea of IDENTITY, which is static and limiting. Instead, allow yourself to express in myriad ways through the body, uninhibited by beliefs of what you think you can, can’t, must or mustn’t do.

That is the old way and the way that you mesh in with a system that wants you to stay contracted and small- not powerfully and infinitely versatile.

No need to cling to STORIES of your personality, of who you are, your group identity, of what you have been through and where you have been. This is why meditation is taught to raise your frequency and be more embodied. You disengage from the mind, not taking on thoughts from the mental plane that come from PROGRAMS of IDENTITY 'out there', which are enslaving.

We always tell small children that they can be whoever they want to be. We know not to limit children when they are forming their identities.

So as we journey beyond into the future, we must also transcend our stories and beliefs about ourselves to embody our full spectrum of multidimensional abilities.

The month of June and this New Moon Portal, imagine how it is to be without so much thinking, without our PROGRAMMING of what we are. This is the STILL POINT of EMBODIMENT, that feeling of peace that transcends worry or anxiety.

It helps to have a solid NUCLEUS for us to latch onto, to make our centre of command, our anchor for this new kind of spontaneous action, without a script.

When you are on a long run, you aren’t thinking about how your arms are pumping or your breath is rhythmic, you are simply doing it.

Then you will tap into the spontaneous passionate expression of who you are and you’ll begin to expand further and further into other areas of life in the months ahead with more ease and stability.

Especially when there are no scripts for these unprecedented times ahead.

with Love on your Journey

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