Spiritual Bypassing and the New Age

The mantra "everything is perfect" can be a kind of spiritual bypassing. And it makes me crazier than a unicorn on meth.

If you know me personally, you'll know I loathe spiritual by-passing and any kind of vapid virtue-signalling or spiritual coat-tailing.

Unless you are Abraham Hicks or talking about the energetics of the Law of Attraction, reciting the mantra "everything is perfect" when things don't pan out is a misnomer.

When you say “everything is perfect”, it should be because you mean to say that the experience you've drawn unto yourself is the physical manifestation of the exact vibrational match you resonated to create.

However this is not how the mantra "everything is perfect" is used in the New Age. What's usually meant by it is that things weren't meant to be, or even the exact opposite, that something was fated to happen and we had no part in it.

Do you see the contradiction?

If most people understood that their current realities are exact reflections of what they’ve been resonating to, our world would look a lot different.

And we wouldn't be obsessed with zombies.

What I’m on about in this post is a kind of spiritual by-passing whereby people say "everything is perfect" as a crutch to avoid agency for their creations and keep from doing the work necessary to shift their frequency.

I'm sure you've heard this mantra as a cop-out in all its variations:

"Everything is as it should be

"Everything in perfect, divine timing"

"I am exactly where I need to be right now."

While it's true that there are many spiritual people who are incredibly hard on themselves and need to be reminded that to err is human, there are many more who seem totally fine with the fact that they can't seem to get their shit together. Like they'll end up where they need to... eventually, somehow. (On the back of a unicorn?)

Until the day they aren't okay with it anymore (and blame their unicorn).

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s way easier to not make those hard changes or to commit to consistently taking stock of how we are progressing throughout our lives, aka NOT spiritual by-passing.

Are we sabotaging ourselves, being lazy, or generally resisting making changes that our soul wants us for us to evolve?

In modern society, in the name of self love, many of us go soft on ourselves in the face of change. We give in to the resistance when often it’s exactly the time to do the hard thing, to dig in our heels or plug forward.

I know, in the New Age self- love is key to healing. But to progress further in our spiritual evolution, we might also have to shore up and exert a little tough love on ourselves from time to time.

Spirituality isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Raising your vibration doesn’t just happen by thinking positively.

When you smoke that single cigarette you know, even before you light it, you'll sabotage the last 5 months of your abstinence, is everything perfect?

Is binge watching a whole season of Stranger Things slumped on the sofa “in perfect divine timing” when you could be writing that song or stretching on your yoga mat?

Is everything "as it should be" when have to do an extra year of university because you had a drunken accident on your bike the morning of a final exam? (True story).

If you watch your thoughts closely, you'll notice the voice of the Lower Self that pops up right at the defining moment before doing something you know you shouldn't do.

You know the one. It’s the voice that says “fuck it”.

Giving into that voice is what makes the difference between progress or being faced with the same situation, or worse, six months down the road.

Six months later, when the results we wanted didn’t manifest, is when we’ll secretly coddle ourselves with that syrupy mantra, “everything is perfect”.

All because we gave in to the Lower Self's voice that said "fuck it".

Ironically, yes, what you've created is now an exact vibrational match to your frequency over the last six months.

What you didn’t manifest is a result of the lack of effort, discipline or consistency that was necessary to bring about the change you were seeking. Everything really is perfect!

Except you didn't mean it that way.

Instead of facing how we failed in our agency to create change, even if that's just a change in frequency, some of us cop out.

We do this by saying what we wanted wasn’t meant to happen or that we weren’t ready for it.

In this way, we can pretend that we didn't have a hand in the outcome we are faced with now. That magically our current reality just happened on its own without our participation.

Now wait a minute. When things work out you say, "Look at what I created!" But when they don't, you say, "I guess it wasn't meant to be".

Which one is it? You can't have it both ways.

That's when we need to sit up and take note that we've succumbed to some Zombie behaviour. The opposite of conscious living, that's going through the motions on autopilot, without 'walking the talk'.

On the opposite spectrum, you have conscious goal-driven people who are accountable all the time. Especially when things don't go as planned.

They're the ones making tremendous strides in their inner work and changing their lives for the better. They're the ones out looking for soulmates and becoming the kind of person they want to become attractive to. They are working two jobs until they can transition into their ideal job. They are doing the cleanses, cutting out processed food and exercising to take their health into their own hands.

They are following through. They are rocking the frequency.

We envy them and wonder how they do it. But we don’t say “everything is perfect” then, do we? Instead we cherry pick, keeping the mantra for ourselves and attributing luck or privilege to others’ success.

Is living a high-vibe life just luck?

If it were all unicorns and rainbows everyone in the New Age would be on the Higher Timeline already and our world would look a lot different.

Partly it's simply not reciting the mantra "everything is perfect" but rather “shit, I better try harder”.

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with some tough Love on your journey

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