Spiritual Awakening for Empaths

Updated: Jan 31

Spiritual Awakening is the process of first waking up to the consciousness of your soul. It describes the direct experience of Awakening, which means it cannot be experienced at the level of mind.

This can be a challenging and sometimes lonely initatory experience as everything we know crumbles around us.

Awakening can occur slowly over time or spontaneously through many vehicles such as: spiritual practice, meeting an enlightened teacher, via plant medicine like ayahuasca or magic mushrooms, as a result of a Near Death Experience (NDE), and even after a period of trauma or extreme suffering when we are suddenly touched by Grace.

Awakenings are also known to occur through the integration of transformational light codes from the sun and planetary grids.

This is known as Starseed Awakening, where you might feel that you have become 'activated' to your earthly mission to help with Planetary Ascension.

Your Awakening is a gift to be cherished although it may not seem that way at first.

Anxiousness or mental confusion, spontaneous releases of emotional energy, digestive issues, sleep troubles, skin rashes, night sweats, increased sensitivity and restlessness can all be a part of Spiritual Awakening as you adjust to an significant expansion in consciousness.

There are many ways that Transformational Energies can affect us and we might not be able to find the help we need to feel better unless we are talking to the right people.

That's because Spiritual Awakenings aren’t well understood by the medical establishment and they haven’t been studied much.

Even in yoga circles, where there’s a dedicated study of how to raise the Kundalini safely, many teachers are unequipped to help when Awakening signs arise.

Yet more and more people, and especially youth, are experiencing Spiritual Awakenings.

From 2017 to 2030, a Great Awakening is happening on the planet. More than ever, people have an opportunity to embark on a new path towards personal agency and social responsibility for our future as a species.

There has never been more need for Spiritual Awakenings than now.

More than 20 years ago, during a solar eclipse, I began my journey from ego consciousness to soul consciouness.

My journey began to understand what happened to me as I emerged from an unhealthy state of chronic suicidal depression and anxiety, of self-destructive darkness, to a more joyful and focused expression of myself.

I went from being a self-destructive nihilist and atheist to suddenly, viscerally knowing I was transcendent consciousness having a temporary human experience.

I had a direct mystical experience of feeling connected with All of Life. I also experienced the formidable blessing of being a unique expression of God Source Love, with my own Free Will. Over a period of 9 weeks, new information about who I really was spontaneously downloaded into my consciousness.

Within a few days, my life as I knew it changed forever.

Eventually my Awakening led me to begin a spiritual journey of wholeness and Self-Mastery, called Personal Ascension.

At first I wanted to learn how I fit into the world. Why was I here? Who had I been before? What was I here to achieve? How could I express more of who I really was? How could I help to alleviate the suffering I could now so plainly see in the world?

So began a rewarding, but challenging, journey of surrendering and humbling myself to the Great Mystery of Life in order to gain answers to these questions.

I have spent 20 years in disciplined study, psychological purification and spiritual refinement since my Awakening to now be in the position to assist others. You can read more about my story here.

If you are new to my work, I encourage you to stick around and explore my services.

In all my sessions, a secondary benefit is receiving both a clearing of nuisance energies as well as activations to help bring forward more of your Higher Dimensional Self.

I’m also available to offer strategies for your spiritual growth at any stage in your journey. 1:1 sessions are based on your unique energy, and help you to move beyond the acute Awakening phase towards more consistent Conscious Embodiment and crystalline DNA activation.

In our lifetime, never before have there been so many Awakened teachers and so much light available to support Conscious Embodiment and the Spiritual Renaissance.

I feel very blessed to be a part of this movement. If you feel called to ask a question, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by,

x Debra

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