Mirror Mayhem

Updated: Apr 28


The Red Flags are: HAYWIRE & SUPRIRSES

Dear Awakener,

Fasten your seatbelt. May is bringing mirror mayhem and with it, your abilities will be STRENGTHENED and your focus CONCENTRATED. Expect to have breakthroughs in your issues by reaching profound levels of inner peace and to be amazed by your own ability to generate solutions from the MIRROR of your physical reality. All of this as you watch other curiosities in the external world AMPLIFY and get highly CHARGED.


Things could feel surreal this month as deeply repressed issues begin to surface in those around you. Purging will (still) be heightened because that comes hand in hand with Awakening energies. Whatever was deep on the inside will be rearing its head as it is turned inside out. MIRRORING will be AMPLIFIED and CHARGED this month.

Remember that what we are witnessing in the external is what is now leaving from our world. Like a bad rash, it will take some time to clear up. If you want things to move more quickly, CONCENTRATE on your ability to stay in the higher frequency ranges. That's where you can enjoy spiritual protection and affect change with your multidimensional abilities.

Sorry, friends, it won’t be a sleepy or breezy month. Expect to witness some HAYWIRE and SURPRISES and turn off the TV.

If you're already on the Higher Timeline, or what Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs, aka Oracle Girl, has named the Gold Frequency, you’ll be gliding along as if on brand new skates.

This month prepare to be challenged and surprised by objects and situations flying into your field as you gain more mastery over MIRROR technology. Expect to be shown how you are being prepared for Guardianship of the New Earth through this ability to interface with the MIRROR.

Mayhem will be for the masses as long as you CONCENTRATE, be present, and stay in your integrity. Emulate the Eagle and soar on the higher currents, keeping your eyes open to unexpected opportunities. More than ever, your desires are accelerating your personal timelines, MIRRORING back to you in real time what you have been asking for. Don't pinch yourself off just because you are SURPRISED. That's where you will find pockets of peace and sanity.


This month things will be MAGNETIC and a CHARGE will surround the simplest of transactions. CONCENTRATE so you don't get swept up and out of your body.

Here is an opportunity to connect more deeply to your inner core and the sensations of physicality through your emotions and experiences of personal human connection. I know that sounds contradictory, but those will be the main vehicles for more of your Multidimensional Self to be present here, in your body, on the higher Timeline.

Instead of letting your emotions whip you out of your body, CONCENTRATE on grasping more vitality and passion and anchoring that into your physical body through action. Creative pursuits can help calibrate and more evenly distribute the changes in your electrical circuitry as a reult of this CHARGED month.


This month you should expect to be given some homework to solve. Old issues that you thought had been put to bed might rear their head for final purification as the Awakening energies accelerate. You will be seeing this all around you. Your job is to keep cleaning up and not get sucked into the mayhem.

Keep calm by remembering how purification works- every negative emotion or negative event that comes up is what is leaving. Don't hang on to it. Don't hook into the stories of your mind or media.

For those of you on the Higher Timeline, you’ll find that you can resolve issues much faster now, within the day even, without you having to do anything but allow the solution to unfurl.

Get out of the way and observe what comes up for transmutation. This is the magic of purification. On the Higher Timeline, you interface directly with the MIRROR of reality, like a magician pulling a scarf out of a hat. There is no time-lag, and no effort is required.

Purification uses MIRRORING technology. You might find yourself saying exactly what you think and then wondering if you were too hard on the recipient. Don't hold back because what needs to transmute can only do so through the MIRROR. That person in the crosshairs? They needed to hear what you had to say.

You don't have to shout or humiliate others to speak the truth or assert a boundary, just stop coddling people around you as if they are snowflakes. We asked for a better world. These are the extremely CHARGED times necessary before that world can come to be. This is the pace that is needed to clean up our world, nothing less.

In the Spiritual community, there's an emphasis on always being gentle and treating everything as trauma. But really, when you get to the higher Timeline, you can't help it, as you embody your natural state, you become more fluid. You become the MIRROR and sometimes that means you embody the fierce truth. You reflect to others what they need to see.

Look at nature- nature isn't always gentle when it is cleaning up. You are becoming so strong and aligned that you carry the codes and currents that clean up this planet. You are literally embodying the Awakening Energies on this planet. This is strong medicine.

Don't blame yourself when you find that you are embodying MIRROR technology. Just follow through and MIRROR back the space the other needs to process what you've just hit them with.


Remember when you first Awakened and how intruigued you were when you realized that the external was MIRRORING your internal world? Remember how powerful that made you feel? This is the key to getting off what I call 'Victim Island".

Right. So think of the masses, now in the throes of Awakening energies. This is MIRROR MAYHEM. Things are AMPLIFIED but you have the gift of perspective. You aren't a victim, you are in control of your body, and no one else.

This month there’s going to be a lot flying around. There will be HAYWIRE and SURPRISES. Take it on the chin and chalk it up to practice as you learn to master MIRROR technology.

This is not about manifesting or strategizing, it's about acting with more presence as you stream reality in real time. CONCENTRATE. The clearer you are, the more aligned with your values and desires, the cleaner and faster your reality will shapeshift. You are the one in control. Remember that your attitudes, preferences and patterns of interaction will also add flavour to your creations.

You are always in control when you are this awake. As long as your heart is pure, without an agenda to manipulate others, you can steer your life.

It's as simple as saying "Okay, Siri, call Bob".

All you need is a simple phrase like, "Ok, Higher Self, align me with my future partner”, or "help me get clarity in my profession", or "sell my house for the highest outcome". Learning to command your Higher Self (HS) or Multi-dimensional Self (MS) to orchestrate events in your life means that you are always in control.

Try it out. State what you want and trust that your MS will design it for you. Your job is to follow the breadcrumbs. How fast you find your solution will depend on how well you listen to yourself and how fluid you can be, overriding any stubborn patterns that would otherwise close you off to the miracles and magic of the Higher Frequency Timeline.

Be present and flex in the mirror ;)

x with Love on your Journey

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