March 2021 Energy Report: Phoenix Rising

Updated: Mar 4

This is last year's Spring Energy Report, useful reading now as we re-enter March.

The themes for this month are: FORGIVENESS, WONDER, ACCEPTANCE & PHOENIX.


Dear Light Warriors, as we begin March and prepare for the spring equinox, many of us are going to be feeling a lot of feels. When I checked the energy for the month ahead, what came through was the need to be especially tender and understanding with ourselves and our bodies.

The Kundalini energies are intense. As they Awaken and purify, they also burn.

There will be an undercurrent of tension within as some of us start to split apart, letting go of parts of our identity that no longer fit with the higher vibrational light beings we are becoming.

This month be prepared to be faced with parts of ourselves that we don’t like, that we see as outdated, even obsolete. Therefore, the need to be gentle and ACCEPTING of ourselves is where the work will be. How we treat ourselves now will set the pattern for how we will move through the world come spring.

Now approaching the spring equinox, the time has come for a re-set. When we leave Pisces season, we will take what we learned from Other and from dancing with our reflections in the world opposite us to face the last 'Other'. We will turn to face ourselves.


FORGIVENESS for coming here again.

FORGIVENESS for the pain that we are reawakening, in our bodies especially, of all the distorted memories and experiences we have carried with us, across the void of death, back into physicality once more.

How many lifetimes have we been hanged, raped, maimed, tortured or killed?

How many times have we been humiliated, shunned, exiled, imprisoned or abandoned?

For some of us deep in the Shadows of processing this work, it can be painful to even be in the body, where these memories have been stored lovingly until we were brave enough to face them again.

It’s time to FORGIVE our bodies especially, for holding onto these painful memories. Our body was just doing its job of keeping them intact so we could burn them with our Light when we had cultivated enough of it.

We have become so strong. We should WONDER at how we even rise again.

Did we know that we would awaken to so much suffering in this lifetime? Did we know we came to embody the PHOENIX?

We sure did. It’s what we expressly decided we would do in these times.

We armoured up in flesh and bone precisely to dismantle those ancient body memories and watch the timelines collapse. To throw gasoline on the pyres and incinerate our family wounds. To rise again like the PHOENIX.

It is time to FORGIVE ourselves for taking this on, despite how painful it can be. When we hold WONDER at the process, at the reason why we are doing this to ourselves, we can be gentler.

We can FORGIVE our bodies for holding onto the memories. We can FORGIVE our Higher Selves for showing us where it still hurts.

This is why so many wounds are coming back right now. They might be taking a slightly different form, though, which can be confusing.

Look for the pattern. Do these events produce the same emotion in you? If so, it is the same underlying frequency showing itself to you.

You might find yourself shaking your fist at the sky with IMPATIENCE or FRUSTRATION. Why you are dealing with this issue yet once again?

If you thought that you healed this already and are starting to HATE YOURSELF and your body for the pain, thinking that you’re doing something wrong and doubting your healing abilities, I urge you to ACCEPT the exquisite intelligence of your body.

Struggling to be in the body

Allow me to tell you a little story. Since returning from Costa Rica last May, I have had a rather difficult time being in my body.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me and I was becoming resentful of my body for not ‘playing ball’ and not keeping up with the rest of me.

I had very little appetite or energy, I didn’t want to nourish my body with food or exercise. Sometimes I found myself trying to escape my body and live in my head or spirit, disengaging from my physical life.

I didn’t know what was going on and consulted different healers looking for answers.

I tried replenishing electrolytes and vitamins, juicing and yoga. I made sure I was getting outside for a walk every day. I dived into energy medicine, the body code and Kundalini breath work, thinking it was an issue of energy flow.

Things would improve for a short time but still I kept reverting to an almost masochistic refusal to nourish the physical body. I just didn’t want to eat and there were days I didn’t want to do anything or see anyone.

It wasn’t until I came across an astrologer who suggested body work to release trauma at the structural levels. I had done so much emotional and energetic processing, it never occurred to me that there were physical layers or issues to contend with. But I took a chance and booked an appointment with a Rolfer anyway.

What happened was profound. The evening after my first session, I released a series of terrifying and traumatic events that were so deeply repressed, I had entirely forgotten they had happened to me in my twenties. It was particularly physical work, with a lot of heat, shaking, sobbing and panting as I re-lived and released this series of related events.

My rewards for the effort? Since then it has been much easier to nourish my body with healthy food. I’ve found myself back on the yoga mat and even wanting to do cleaning, shopping and mundane jobs, instead of cerebral things like reading or studying. I also want to be around people more.

I’m telling you my story because if you’re finding yourself facing some old issues that you thought you’d cleared, it could be that you’re not quite done. In my case, it even makes sense that the densest layers will be the last to clear.

Your wounds could be stored in your bones, tissue, muscles, your organs, or in your cellular memory. DNA is holographic. It is a databank of information. How we express our physicality in this lifetime is based on what’s in the holographic DNA template. Considering how long we have always been here, that could be from family patterns and past-life wounds, too.

Our bodies literally function like holographic projectors. Our chakras are the technology- I have seen how this works in the clearings I do. We project our external reality based on frequency.

What is showing up for you now in your outer world?

How many lifetimes have you had? How much suffering have you endured?

Rather than feeling FRUSTRATED and IMPATIENT or HATING YOURSELF, can you ACCEPT that your body has lovingly been holding onto your memories, compartmentalizing them, keeping them at a safe distance until you were ready to face them?

As a result, you might have less trouble being in your body. You could have more appetite, energy and fewer problems with your nerves, digestion or emotions. Your “ascension symptoms” might improve and you might find yourself with more resistance and stamina. You might want to do more physical things and be able to enjoy simpler pleasures, not wanting constantly to escape, read, meditate or live in your head.

In my case, there was nothing wrong with my body. I just wasn’t listening to it.


To get you through the limbo of deleting old programs and waiting for our Light to take its place, I urge you to focus on the frequency of WONDER as a bridge.

The grieving process that must accompany shedding identities is difficult. Bringing ourselves into balance requires focusing on an opposite energy. When we are in the void, with nothing yet to fill the space of what is dying, WONDER is the easiest energy to bring in.

Human beings are amazing at asking questions and children might be the experts at it. If you are not a dreamer and you don’t want the responsibility just yet, you don’t have to. All that is required is asking the question of ourselves.

What is going to come of all this rubble? What will rise out of the ashes? What does my PHOENIX look like? What is coming next?

After all, WONDER is the frequency that births new dreams. Can you remember daydreaming when you were a child? You were asking ‘what if’ without any of the restraint that comes with cynicism or age.

Penetrate the void of grief with questions and wait. The more we ask with WONDER, the clearer and more deliberately will new dreams and ideas start to flesh out.


Lastly, if you haven’t yet, now might be a good time to make peace with and ACCEPT coronavirus.

How different would you feel if you could ACCEPT that we, as a planetary consciousness, agreed upon CV as a vehicle for change?

The energies this March are offering us some respite. They are offering us the vibration of acceleration, if we choose, towards total rebirth.

If we can ACCEPT.

They are saying, what if we ACCEPTED that CV is our choice to: evolve, to leave the planet, to awaken ourselves, to leave behind structures that we are tired of, to change profoundly as a species?

Coronavirus is here. Fighting it only leaks energy and encourages more intersection with the lower timeline.

I’m not saying that you should give in or do things you don’t want to do. I’m only suggesting that you change how you feel inside about it.

The longer we stay angry or indignant about it, thinking that it has been imposed upon us without our will, the harder it will be for us to live with it.

The longer we keep silently judging others for wearing masks or succumbing to fear or propaganda, the lower we will fall in our own vibration.

This doesn’t help. Because falling in vibration aligns us more with the timeline where CV is more prevalent, as opposed to it just being in our periphery vision.

It’s also an energy leak to naively persist in believing that this will all be over soon.

If you count the number of people waiting for injections, or walking the hiking trails and driving alone in their cars with only their eyes visible, we should ACCEPT that we will have this virus, its various strains, and its repercussions for some years to come.

The change is slow moving.

Things will get much easier for us personally when we can ACCEPT what is in front of us instead of wishing for a mirage.

What would happen if more of us ACCEPTED this as an auspicious opportunity to turn on its head structures whose underlying energetics are becoming obsolete anyhow?

I’m not saying it’s easy, but if we have learned anything from Spirituality, we have learned that we can take ownership of our attitudes and energy.

Light Warriors, in March, you might decide that you can ACCEPT that as a soul group, human beings collectively decided that this is how we would move forward.

Like I said, this virus does it all: It gives those a way out who cannot adapt to the new energies and want to leave. It is a bridge to help us leave behind the old fiat currency-based structures that are no longer suitable for the Age of Aquarius. And it is a catalyst for many people to awaken to the corruption, manipulation and tyranny rampant in our societies and to move towards community living and more sustainable local economies.

You might also see the current of ACCEPTANCE beckoning to you in other areas of your life. Perhaps you have been trying to have a baby and that is not working for you. Maybe you are trying to scale your business and are finding that whatever you try, everything flops.

Go with the grain. Change your course. ACCEPT where life is unapologetically saying no. Focus on what is working and where there is serrendipity, magic and synchronicity. Sometimes this means abandoning a dream or an ambition and leaning into the void instead.

If you are really listening, if you can ACCEPT that this lifetime you came to do something much different than all the others, and if you can also FORGIVE your Higher Intelligence for killing the dreams that are no longer appropriate for the New Human you are becoming, if you can hold a space of WONDER, mixed with a little patience, like a photograph, something else will begin to develop.

This spring, be in WONDER of the PHOENIX that wants to rise from the rubble.

We are the prototype for the New Humans, after all. It’s only fair that we should show the way.

with Love on your Journey

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