How to Tame an Overactive Mind 2

Do you still judge yourself harshly? Do you get entangled in negative emotions that spiral? Do you sometimes feel you're stuck in a prison of your own mind?

Here's some help with that.

After Awakening you realize that the very fabric of this reality is actually Love.

After Awakening we take great pains to change our shadow behaviours, stay out of victimhood, and release ourselves from toxic relationships, all in the name of Self Love. We may begin a self-care routine, taking more time for ourselves, or work on our boundaries with others to foster more Self Love.

Yet when it comes to ourselves, our thoughts and feelings still aren't very loving and our boundaries get loose. You might use affirmations or hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious and rewrite your mental scripts because you want to like yourself more and have more confidence.

You might still be judging your thoughts and feelings very harshly. "I shouldn't be feeling like this", you say.

And that's when everything gets sticky.

I don't mean sending yourself loving vibes or accepting your negative thoughts and trying to heal them that way.

Instead, try to let those thoughts and feelings pass through you without taking them on. Allow them the space to just be without falling into the story. Without needing to claim them.⁠

Try it and see. They'll shift faster this way.

You are not your feelings

What if I told you that everything you experience is just that, an experience. That you are not your experiences, your thoughts, or even your emotions.

That these human experiences aren't a part of you, don't belong to you and you don't have to take ownership for everything that crosses your path. Especially thoughts and feelings that make you crazy.

Can it really be as simple as not hooking in?

My answer is yes, but only when you have a true sense of self to anchor yourself to.

Breaking up with the Shadow

I know this is counterintuitive. Psychology and The New Age have taught us to integrate our shadow and to love our wounded selves. In fact, I have an entire essay dedicated to the frequency of love to heal heartbreak.

Yet, in my view, this has led to generations of us identifying with our pain. So much so, it has now become a kind of currency.

It's so easy to get stuck coddling the wounded self that we remain victimized in a vicious cycle.

"What's wrong with me? There's still something wrong with me. Will I ever be good enough?"

But what if at a certain point, we broke the cycle of coddling the Shadow? Afterwe have done the work to change our worst patterns and risen out of the depths to find ourselves at a plateau, with no further improvement, can we change strategy?

Can we can break up with our Shadow? And see it for what it is, a toxic relationship?

A Theory on Origins of the Shadow

Where does the Shadow come from? It is a personality based in pain and trauma, we are told. And yet, it never seems to completely go away, no matter how much work we do.

What if the Shadow Self is actually a distortion? Something that never should have been there, imprinted in our subconscious from years of trauma on a hijacked planet?

What if it was a result of genetic experiments on humans, millenia ago? Resulting in a virus in the whole human composition, or a frequency "fence" that has kept parts of us separate and fragmented from ourselves? (i.e. our subconscious doesn't talk to our superconscious, has a "mind of its own") Therefore we can't perceive the full spectrum of our multidimensional essence, with no dialogue between our higher dimensional aspects. Which keeps us operating in a very limited bandwidth with most of our supernatural selves locked out of this dimenison.

These are just some of my thoughts.

But it makes me question how healthy it is, after a certain point, to stay friends with our Shadow.

Breaking up with the Shadow Self

What does the Shadow bring to the table? How does it improve our quality of life? It's got all the characteristics of an immature, drama loving, self-destructive, manipulative tyrant. Like the inner critic, the Shadow only sees in black and white. And it never seems to get enough "poor me", constantly eliciting pity and compassion when we continue to claim it as our Wounded Self. What if the Wounded Self doesn't need to be coddled to be integrated as much as seen for what it is and transmuted? Absorbed back into the brightness that You are, as an infinite, intelligent, loving being? Stay with me, perspective is key to this.

Stay neutral, stay in your Essence.

When you can remain neutral, neither sending love to the shadow self, nor criticizing yourself, you'll make faster progress at becoming the being you want to be. You'll begin to identify with your true essence, your multidimensional self, and that accelerates everything. We know it's the frequency of Love that heals, even if that cannot be explained by science or the mind. But did you know that you yourself are that Love, that frequency, at your core? If you want to vanguish the Shadow, it's time to change who and what you are identifying with. If you can connect to that stillness inside, and drop into your heart, you can unhook from judgmental thoughts about how you're feeling. When you change your beliefs about how you feel, and allow everything to be experienced, those feelings and thoughts, however uncomfortable, will pass much faster. They will literally pass through you, and the space you occupy. But you mustn't get mixed up with them. No judging your thoughts or feelings. No shoulds and shouldn'ts about them. Once you release what you believe you're supposed to be feeling, you'll begin to feel lighter. You'll realign. You'll meet yourself again. Your TRUE self. That intelligent, loving force. If you can steady yourself in this neutral space, watching your thoughts and feelings as if they are noise, swirling all around you, without having to claim them as yours to fix, or hold onto them as part of your story, or follow them down any rabbit holes, you will be free.

You are having a physical experience

We are the ones who make prisons out of our minds because we forget that we are not the mind. We are the essence of all life; everything happens through us, as vessels. Thoughts arise. Feelings can be experienced. But that doesn't define us. We can be everything from moment to moment. This and that. We can wear our experiences like an actor wears a costume. At some point, you recognize that you've done all the work that needs to be done. You can see that you are not your patterns or your beliefs. You are not your job or your role. So what are we? We are powerful, infinite beings experiencing ourselves on a physical planet. You might reawaken to remember, your essence is all that matters, and that YOU will never die. You can have all the temporary experiences here without sullying the part of you that's real. Connect with your essence and feel free, unhindered. The fragmented personality of your subsconsious, possessed by archetypes has reached its expiration date. Let your wounded self go. You are so much more!

This is why when you let go of your pain, you become less lonely, too. By experiencing more of the light of yourself, you can connect to yourself and every other being, too. It is through this love that we are meant to experience humanity. That's a future worth looking forward to. It's time to stop identifying with pain and suffering, and thinking that it's normal here.

We must begin to reject pain and suffering in ourselves first. And learn to praise and experience more of the Light of ourselves.

See the Shadow for what it is and free yourself from it- it's been weighing you down long enough.

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