How to Shift Out of Lack Mentality

Dear God Source Love,

Would you please clarify something for me? In a book I am reading, one of the affirmations is that as a Master, abundance and prosperity are related to your sense of deserving and not to how much effort one has to exert. Is this correct?

Yes, it is but let me clarify. In order for one to feel worthy of what one is about to receive, one often needs to also feel they have been given an opportunity first, or that one has arisen.

Without opportunity, it is difficult to attract great wealth or prosperity.

Yes, that is logical. But one needn't necessarily put effort (any at all) into receiving or creating an opportunity?

That is correct. We are ALL entitled to opportunities. This is indeed your birthright as a Human with DNA from me, the Creator, the source of All Life.

Not only are you genetically designed to co-create opportunities in your Time Matrix through the Universal Laws of Resonance and Magnetic Attraction, but Humans have always been "allowed", through their free will, to create and draw experiences to them. Many of which are indeed opportunities.

What we do with the opportunity dictates its result.

So this is where the work/ effort comes in?

Not in all cases. Sometimes all we have to do is purely and genuinely accept an opportunity to reap benefit, as you know.

Yes! In fact, I see what you are doing, God. By reflecting on past opportunities, I am recreating a feeling of gratitude. A feeling pivotal to re-creating and attracting further opportunities.

It is so. Clever, aren't I?

Absolutely! So, to reiterate, no person needs to work for an opportunity. We are all entitled to them. Opportunities are everywhere and they can even be created out of thin air through our focused intention. We can seek them out through energetic resonance, catching them in nets or reeling them in like big fish?

Now you're getting it.

I loved that analogy you so subtly dropped into my head.

You're welcome.

I'm very grateful for your time today to clarify this for me.

I have nothing BUT time, dear one. Go ahead, ask me another.

How strong are so-called negative emotions like anxiety, self-pity, cynicism, and miserliness? How strong are these emotions in repelling opportunities compared to positive emotions like gratitude, excitement and wonder. Like in ratio. Are they equally as powerful in the matrix of creation here on earth?

Good question. While so-called negative emotions you equate with worry, miserliness, fear, anger, etc. keep opportunities from arriving full-fledged or in their full glory, they are not excessively destructive. Let me explain.

Imagine a sailboat. The sailboat has a course it's on and the captain knows where he wants to steer the boat. This is very important to her reaching his destination And let's say a storm passes through. It may even rip the sail if the captain gets caught in it.

Wait, how so, rip the sail?

If the emotion is severe enough, charged enough, it can throw the boat off course. Delay would be the most obvious result. Until the captain repairs the sail, it does not catch the wind as effectively and the journey to the destination could be delayed.

Another manifestation could be that the emotional storm is so charged as to totally throw the boat and captain off course, or shipwreck, effectively causing her to arrive at another destination than originally planned.

So, you mean the destination, not the route, is the most important thing to keep in mind?

Yes! That is exactly what I'm saying. Very much like meditation, where once your mind wanders, you bring it back to the breath.

Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the storm, or in a ‘pity party’. Correct your course. Find your center the best way you know how. Calm yourself down, perhaps by taking a bike ride or cooking a meal or playing with your child or dog. Change your focus and the storm will go by.

Find a way to extricate yourself from the storm of these so-called volatile emotions. Then, most importantly, revisit your vision of your destination. Hold fast and strong to the steering wheel and redirect your intention.

Imagine your final destination. Write it out, dictate it, role play it, draw it, tell it to your pet or another soul. But yes, one must always re-orient oneself towards the destination, with as much precision and detail as possible.

Thank you! Brilliant analogy!

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