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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Should you get an energy clearing? Here's how to know

Do You Feel Stuck?

The Awakening Journey is replete with pebbles, potholes, black ice and sometimes even semis lying on their sides across three lanes. This is all part of the adventure, and many obstacles can mirror back to us how we really want to show up in the world and who we really want to become.

Yet it seems that we all come to a time in our Awakening when we hit a roadblock. We stumble, we get stuck. We find ourselves fighting to move forward. We might relapse into old addictions or unconscious patterns, we may be on a streak of bad luck or find ourselves attracting the same kinds of people or caught in the same feedback loops over and over again.

We might feel like Sisyphus, rolling that boulder up the hill, only for it to roll back down again, ad infinitum.

No matter how much inner work we do, why can't we seem to move forward?

We might have trouble being reactionary when no matter how good our intentions, or how much we promise we won't explode, there's that ONE person who "makes us" see red, lose our cool and lash out, saying things we later regret.

Maybe it's addictions. We keep finding ourselves losing power over that box of donuts in the staffroom, the weed that flattens our uncomfortable feelings, the sex that gives us a taste of divintiy, or the apps on our phones that offer constant validation and feedback.

We're fighting ourselves and we lose sleep over it. That's because we are wishing for a different outcome when the truth is, we are stuck energetically, we have become stagnant somehow, and we don't know how to change.

It might even feel like you're running on autopilot. You can see yourself doing the same things and it's like watching the washing machine go round and round. We're hypnotized and can't seem to override it.

Feeling stuck can be exhausting! That's because we lose a lot of energy fighting something that has been stuck in orbit a very long time.

We are trying to break through an energy block through sheer mental power when coming at it from an energetic level would yield better results.

Find out more about my Timenline Sweep here.

Are You Stuck on a Past-Life Imprint?

Did you know that we carry over holographic imprints of our experiences from lifetime to lifetime? It's why some of us are exquisite musicians, doctors, athletes, or have a knack for languages or technology. This isn't our "first rodeo", and we often come with latent talents and abilities waiting to be switched on in our holographic DNA templates.

We may not be conscious of our other lifetimes, not until we've advanced enough along the road to determine what karmic or ancestral patterns we set out to break. It's at that point we often begin to get flashes or dreams of ourselves in past lives. Those visions or insights serve as indicators for healing purposes.

Imprints from past lives can be very stubborn and difficult to override. It's helpful to know a healer who can tell you that the reason you're stuck is due to an imprint that comes from a past-life trauma.

Clearing Energy Yourself

First you need to know WHERE the blockage is and WHAT it is related to.

If you know, for instance, that you're experiencing a creative blockage, you would try ways to activate, tone and balance the Throat chakra, wherein lies our power to express our truth and share it with the world.

You'll also want to pay attention to the Heart and Brow chakras, since a blocked throat chakra will draw energy from the ones directly above and below it to compensate.

You could try yoga asanas, crystals, sound therapy or breathwork, focusing on the chakra to see if you can move the energy to disperse the blockage there.

But for this to work, you need a solid understanding of chakras as well as the skills to use the tools above adequately.

If you can't seem to fix the problem yourself, you may want to book a clearing with me. It tunes up the chakras with harmonic resonance, and dissolves cords and other holographic imprints that might be the source of distortions or blocked energy.

Energy Cords

Energy Cords to others can leave you feeling agry, sad, drained or unsure of yourself. You can take on others' energy through cords, and you can leak energy through them, too.

You know you have a cord if there's someone you can't stop thinking about and it's getting in the way of your normal way of life. For instance, you might always be thinking about your manipulative or demanding boss even when you don't want to be. They might be plugged into you. These cords siphon off your energy and the person on the other end gains energy from you. At the same time, you're picking up energy from them and that's why you're thinking about them. This is where the term energy vampire comes from.

In this case, you'll want to perform a cord-cutting ritual. Don't know how to do that? Download it from my shop or book in for a sweep. I recommend getting a sweep at least every quarter if you are an empath, therapist or energy worker.

Occupants, Attachments & Entities

An occupant is a pesky "rider". A freeloading astral fragment of low vibration that can enter your energy field during a weak period (think prolonged illness, depression or addiction).

They settle nicely into your energy field and live there as a parasite to your Source connection.

They also like to stir up drama and consume the energy produced by that drama for 'loosh', or sustenance.

These occupants are freeloading nuisance entities and it's fully okay to send them packing! But because they are pesky, they need a firm hand in sending them on their way. They can also trick you into letting them stay if you're not vigilant.

Sometimes they play tricks on you. If you're highly psychic, you'll be able to hear them. And if you don't have a habit of vetting all the suggestions you pick up psychically, they'll take advantage of that.

Sometimes you might hear a voice whisper in your ear. You might think it's a spirit guide. That's why you need to check the things you hear against your Source connenction and better judgment.

The consequences otherwise can vary greatly. They can be irritating, cost you money, or even get you arrested or cause you to leave a valued relationship.

When you hear suggestions in your ear, stop and listen to how you feel. Don't act impulsively or do something rash. In fact, when you feel really compelled to do something, sometimes that can be an indication you're being manipulated energetically. Pay attention.

Sometimes we make decisions that seem to come from the devil inside us, which can actually be the case with entities and especially some elemental nature spirits such as sprites and faeries.

But other times we are the ones who need to be more aware of our unconscious patterns.

When Shadow Work Hits a Wall

It's normal to feel frustrated with Shadow Work from time to time. We are, after all, cleaning up after ourselves to course-correct hundreds, if not thousands, of years of unconscious behaviour, and polarized instinctive behaviour best left to the ice-age.

Even in this lifetime, we may have experienced incredible suffering and pain as children that that have contributed to our building complex neural circuits, or personalities, that form parts of the Wounded Self that, like an awkward family member, we struggle to get along with in our daily lives.

In Jungian Depth Psychology, our Wounded/ Shadow Selves are informed by transpersonal archetypes in the collective cultural unconscious. There are hundreds of these kinds of energies that can inform our personality and our moods and are very functional aspects of the Self, each with distinct motivations and strategies to avoid pleasure and pain.

They function at a very base level of instinct and wiring, and that's why they can be overriden with some focus and persistence.

These archetypes show up energies and we tap into them unconsciously, like mythological musical themes that form an ever-shifting soundtrack to which we dance the drama of our daily lives.

We might feel challenged because we are struggling with very instinctual parts of ourselves that simply cannot be annihilated or 'healed'. They can only be tempered and lived with. And that takes a lot of conscious self-examination and effort.

Sometimes we make decisions that seem to come from the Wounded Self inside us, but not always.

How can you know if this is your own behaviour or if you are being influenced by energy that isn't yours?

When we act from our Wounded Selves, we might recognize predictable patterns. Other times we have unknowingly let in thoughtforms and entity attachments that are wreaking havoc in our field.

Knowing yourself (and your self-defeating behaviours) really well is the only way to know the difference. But there are some tell-tale signs of astral / entity attachments.

Some signs of unwanted Astral attachments:

  • Ruminating, excessive thoughts or destructive voices

  • a streak of bad luck (punctured tires, losing items, accidents, break-ins)

  • anxiety at times borders on paranoia

  • relapses into addiction for no reason

  • self-sabotage out of nowhere

  • uncharacteristic behaviour or emotional or aggressive outbursts that you feel ashamed of afterwards

  • frequent nightmares, “bad thoughts” or even violent images that seem to come out of nowhere

  • feeling inexplicably drained or apathetic, depressed or stuck in a rut.

Auric cleanses are absolutely necessary for anyone working with energy or the astral realms who has never had a clearing before.

Who can benefit from an Astral Clearing?

  • you're highly empathic and draw people to you who are troubled

  • you're an energy healer or massage therapist

  • you read tarot cards, do psychic work, travel out of body, or work in the astral realms.

  • you identify with PTSD

  • you're stuck in the empath-narcissist loop and keep attracting abusive partners

  • you've had long bouts of illness or depression (when your energy field would've been weak)

  • you've spent lots of time in hospitals

  • you experience sleep paralysis or frequent nightmares

  • you engage in Dark Arts or you've exposed yourself to those energies (ouija, black or grey magic, haunted houses)

  • you watch a lot of horror films

  • you've been part a cult

  • you have a history of sexual promiscuity or sexual deviance

  • you work at a prison or have been in prison

  • you've taken a lot of drugs, are a chronic weed smoker or alcoholic, or grew up in these conditions

  • grew up in an abusive household

  • you have a history of bipolar personality disorder or schizophrenia in your family

  • you've been to ayahuasca retreats or similar shamanic retreats

  • you work with the homeless or at a mental health institution

Auric cleanses should be done once a year for good practice, and at least quarterly for empaths and energy workers for good psychic hygiene.

After a Soul Alchemy Auric Attachment Removal Clearing with me, my clients report better sleep, feeling re-set, lighter and clearer with more energy and motivaton.

Most importantly, that person you couldn't stop thinking of or getting into fights with? That will clear up instantly. If you've had a streak of 'bad luck', that will also instantly change for the better.


To maintain a healthy aura after your clearing, you can take regular epsom salt baths and keep your home clean and the energy clear. Make sure you regularly clear away clutter, dust, and open the windows and curtains to let light and fresh air in, especially if you practice magic at home. You can use white sage, crystal or tibetan bowls, crystals and sunshine, in addition to Feng Shui practices to help to keep the energy moving in your home.

Also, regular exercise, breathwork and getting out in nature help keep your energy body free from building stagnant energy, which attracts astral attachments.

An Auric clearing will leave you feeling more aligned with who you truly are. You won't feel driven by your lesser impulses as much and you'll feel stronger, with more vitality, clearer and more in charge of your life, with a better connection to your values, willpower and integrity.

Remember, clear energy = strong will & better decisions.

Book your Auric Clearing with me today.

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