How to Mentor with Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self lives in the future.

The Higher Self is a higher aspect of your consciousness, that resides in the 6th dimension according to the Guardian Material. (1)

Your 6th dimensional perspective has much more wisdom and knowledge than your current conscious expression because the higher dimensions correspond to what we call the future.

(Living in higher dimensions requires a faster frequency range. The higher you vibrate, the less mass (dark matter/ rigidity) you have and the more Source Light you embody.)

Imagine being able to see what's coming around the corner? How helpful would it be to dialogue with a part of yourself that knows what's in your Highest Good?

Especially when you are going through the long initiatory period of purification required before you can raise your frequency. This is really when having access to your Higher Self saves you the most time and heart ache.

When it comes to knowing more about the fullness of who you are through self-examination, don't just focus on knowing your Shadow Self. Getting to know your Higher Self helps balance and tame your Shadow during the process of letting go what no longer serves you.

When you look at it this way, naturally you'd want to have your Higher Self as an ally, even as a mentor.

So how do you do that?

Are you open?

In order to benefit from the aggregate knowledge of the Higher Self, one should want to learn. It is necessary to drop certain behavioural blocks to learning such as arrogance and rigidity. Only then can the first threads of connection to the Higher Self be established.

Your Higher Self is tapped into the morphic fields of even higher planes and draws upon them for sustenance. You, too can benefit from downloads from those Higher Planes. It is not a question of deserving or earning it but simply of matching this high frequency through resonance.

This is why we talk of embodying the Higher Self.

But to do this you need to raise your frequency, which takes some committment and practice. But mostly it requires the WILL to do so. You must be wiling to strive for a higher ethical existence by flexing spiritual virtues such as impulse control, patience, courage and restraint.

You must be willing to leave behind certain behaviours and patterns that keep you tied to lower timeline. This is the initiatory purification period that comes with Spiritual Awakening.

Remember, your Higher Self is YOU but it lives in a higher dimension where it has already cultivated certain spiritual qualities through purification.

To dialogue and access that part of yourself, you have to meet it in frequency.

A good place to begin is with the old saying, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood". In other words, humility.

If you can approach life with more humility and seek to understand the world around you as something to learn from, your Higher Self will be able to communicate with more you easily.

On the other hand, if you think you know everything already, then there is no room for new knowledge to come in. You won't be open to what your Higher Self has to say.

Victimization and Narcissism

Sometimes when we feel victimized by our life's circumstances and we are in a rut, thinking just about ourselves and how bad we have it, we can be too focused on wanting others to understand us first.

This perpetuates the cycle of victimization because the more we think others should try to understand how hard done by we are, the more signals we send out to others that we are hard done by, and that's the reality that we will create at the unconscious level.

When we are too focused on ourselves and our own suffering, we alienate ourselves. We might begin to over-identify with stories of our suffering and become invested in clinging to them. Nobody wants to be around a whiner and you might find it harder and harder to maintain meaningful connections with people.

You'll also shut down your ability to feel positive emotions. The more you keep activating synaptic circuits for negative emotion in your brain that victimization produces, the less your heart chakra will open.

When I first had my Awakening, I had an epiphany in which I realized I had been acting as a victim my whole adolescent life. I used to think that everyone was against me and it sure seemed that way if you examined the awful things I had lived through.

As a result, I had internalized feelings that I was a bad person, and I lived in a constant state of self-hate and shame. I was constantly seeking approval from others because I couldn't stand the person I was.

In reality, I was only connecting to my pain body. That wasn't my whole identity, but it took many more years of undertsanding and integrating my Shadow to discover that.

But seeking approval from the outside, and always feeling that people didn't understand me, kept me very focused on myself and on this part of me that felt persecuted.

So I decided to adopt the mantra "Seek first to understand", as my means of re-programming my nihilistic and narcissistic view of the world.

The Greatest Skill

To say that adopting this mantra changed my life would be an understatement. This was the main attitude through which my Higher Self began to mentor me.

Each time I had an interaction with someone or when something 'happened to me', I'd ask my Higher Self, what can I learn from this?

My Higher Self began to train me to see see the external world as mirror, as a reflection of my inner, unconscious beliefs.

I can say without hyperbole that mirroring has been the most important spiritual skill I have learned. It not only makes me able to manifest things very accurately and quickly (I self-adjust based on immediate feedback from my reality), it makes me a sought-after Spiritual Coach because I can clearly see holes and inconsistencies in others' approach to living that are holding them back.

If you want your Higher Self to mentor you in mirroring, first you must want to exchange your victim mentality with a sincere commitment to improve and learn. Then you simply keep asking "Higher Self, what can I learn from this?".

As long as you're listening (your sincere desire to know), you'll get the answers, in whatever shape they take.

(1) Deane, Ashayana. Voyagers, Secrets to Amenti, Volume II.

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