Empaths and Energy Leaks

Updated: Feb 1

Empaths and energy leaks are like oil and water; they don't mix. But what is an energy leak exactly and why are they an empath's worst enemy?

In today's post I'll illustrate some classic examples of energy leaks that empaths tend to unconsciously create in relationships and why it's important to rectify them.

Why energy leaks are especially detrimental to empaths

  1. Energy is an empath's most vital resource. Because empaths feel everything, draining relationships are especially debilitating to your health, creativity and productivity

  2. Permitting energy leaks means you're not walking the talk of self-love. You're acting as if you don't value yourself or your energy

  3. Energy leaks weaken your aura and lower your frequency, keeping you from manifesting satisfying, nurturing, high-vibe relationships and leaving you more susceptible to psychic interference.

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