"Elixir" Energy Report for April 2021




Are you ready for a different kind of injection this month?

April’s energies offer an ELIXIR of renewal. We can expect to see a settling in of even finer, subtler energies now. For some it might feel like the calm before the next storm or a much needed half-time.

You could find some respite or breathing space, things feel easier, life's simple pleasures are more in the forefront, magic flows, the signs are clear, and your interactions with others a lot lighter.

Are things seamlessly showing up for you? If you're struggling to make things work, all you need to do is recalibrate. No self-blame needed. Just continue to prune and curate your life for the person that you really are.

When you are in integrity with yourself, your life concentrates itself to fit you like a glove. But if you're wishy washy, things are too diffuse to be magical.

Who or what is animating your body? Your Multidimensional Self operates from a much higher frequency. Tuning into your fluid essence will give you the juice to surf the right Timeline for these tough times, not acting from old matrix programs like lack, fear, greed or desperation.

Life has been reflecting back to you how powerful you are. But can you see it?

If you can find the stillness of the SUBTLE ENERGIES this month, able to see the forest for the trees, you’ll be in the right position to make bigger gains in the months to come.

This is the ELIXIR that keeps you on the Higher Timeline.

Can you see where you can gel with these SUBTLE ENERGIES and invite in more vitality, spontaneity and joy?

You might feel tempted to spring forward now because when we are renewed and can smell hope, we feel the impetus to make a bid for power.

Yet this month, that rush to stake our claim will have to be subtle for it to be effective, or REACTIVITY can lead to doubling back.

The danger right now is in being too bold, brash and showy. This is a month about restraint and SOFT POWER. It’s a time to solidify your position with more SUBTLELTY Think under the radar.


When I meditated on the energies ahead for you this month, what I saw was a QUICKENING of the two timelines. For those of us with eyes to see, they will seem to contrast even more this month.

You could think of the 2 timelines like a photograph and its negative. But like with all photography, there is a TRICK.

We can expect to be shown a trajectory this month, much like the images that make up a reel of film, that this is how things are going to be. Here are the steps, officials will say, the formula to keep you safe.

But there is plenty that’s not being shown, too.

Events that show up this month might ask you to walk the talk. In the political arena and in the external world in general, we could see implementation of things that until now have only been alluded to or spoken of.

You don’t have to take their word that this is how things will be.

On the one hand you’ll be shown a movie that the Global Elite want you to take part in.On the other, it’s up to YOU to decide how the picture will turn out for you.

Expect to be presented with choices around honesty over expedience this month. There might be tests of integrity and bravery. Sitting on the fence will no longer be possible and you’ll be asked to make a choice.

Things could come up quickly and you’ll be forced to act. Again, watch out for REACTIVITY and remember your SOFT POWER this month. Untangle yourself from any old scripts and stories laced with fear. Don’t push or force. That's no longer the soundtrack that sets the pace.

There is a much more positive picture developing for those with the eyes to see.

You’ll need to take a step back so you don’t get TRICKED but if you can remember that whatever is presented under a hammer is not the ELIXIR that will keep you alive.

Beware of snake oil salesmen selling you something else.


There’s a lot to guard against this month and the positive timeline will be SUBTLER than ever. You’ll need to find the stillness inside to ensure your footing. This month HASTE will make waste and doubling back for course corrections.

There’s also a danger in being impulsive and headstrong, and refusing to see what’s right in front of you. You might especially see this in others now.

Greed or stubbornly needing to do things your way will lend to breakdowns, stalemates and stand-offs. Watch where things push back or choke off.

You might want to turn the volume down on the external world and find respite with less social, media and TV so you can listen better.

It’s not what you do but how you show up this month that will reveal the ELIXIR for all the poison presented.

The solar plasma energies dusting the planet now are gossamer fine and require a softer approach. Aligning with that energy means you also act with more refinement.

Feel out those SUBTLE ENERGIES underneath what’s being brazenly broadcast from every tower, screen and billboard. The ELIXIR available on the Higher Timeline won’t be advertised. You’ll need stillness to tap into it.

The energies of this new solar cycle will support a QUICKENING of events, policies and requirements, but you don’t have to go at anyone else’s pace.

If you have been on the path a while now, you could find it easier to do things and make headway. If you can relax, there will be more flow and what you need will materialize gracefully. The pieces of your projects will come together quickly.

Be prepared to act from a higher dimension when they do.

with Love on your Journey

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