Cannabis for Empaths or Why I Stopped Smoking Weed

Lest you misunderstand this article as an attempt to pass judgment or virtue-signal, let me open with a confession. As both a Canadian and someone who has struggled with depression since a young age, I have a long history of using marijuana medicinally as well as recreationally.

For many years weed has become a ubiquitous and socially acceptable recreational drug, and even more so now as it rides the coattails of its widely recognized medical efficacy and subsequent legalization in Canada as well as several US states.

In no way do I dispute cannabis’ miraculous plant medicine, and yet this doesn’t mean I think we should all be consuming it. I’m talking specifically of cannabis that you use to get stoned...for fun.

Again, I reiterate that I am by no means anti-weed. A weed smoker for many years, I gave up smoking it only when it became undeniable that its effects on me as were far outweighing the benefits.

I’m not gonna lie, I was really sad to have to give up cannabis (alcohol wasn’t that bad). Especially because near the end my use was infrequent and very light.

But because I'm committed to my spiritual ascension in this incarnation, it had to be done.

It’s my desire to be really transparent about my own story with cannabis so you can have a point of reference. If you have been on the fence about whether you should continue to consume it, I hope my story can inspire you to quit.

It’s my opinion that once you get to a certain point in your vibrational frequency, you find that you just don’t NEED it like you used to. This could be because you’ve undergone so much inner work, physical purification and alchemical transformation that you’ve healed from the disease that caused the symptoms that weed helped to mitigate.

(Again, I’m not referring to CBD oil but consuming cannabis with more THC.)

Then it becomes a question of continuing to use it recreationally. In that case you will know when it’s time to quit. You’ll know because you’ll start to worry if it is hindering your mission or your ascension process. Or maybe your process will start to parallel mine.

I said that I quit because I realized that the effects were far outweighing the benefits. Which effects do I mean exactly? Where do I begin…

Dazed & Confused

The purer and more high frequency I became, it became clear to me that the use of marijuana or alcohol, even in the slightest amount, would send my personal frequency plummeting for days afterwards.

During its use I’d feel euphoric, clear, expanded, and all of my chakras would be happily aligned and blissfully receptive. But as little as two puffs off a pen or joint would leave me feeling like I’d been hit by a truck for up to three days afterwards, such a hazy residue did it leave me with.

It didn’t matter if I was smoking sativa or indica, organic or non-organic, consuming even the tiniest amounts would slow me down.

After much deliberation, research, and discussion with my guides, I came to the conclusion that me and weed were no longer a frequency match.

Cannabis & Playing Small

I really knew something had started to change because I was experiencing a newfound guilt the day after using it. Discussing this with my Collective Pleiadean Guide, it was explained to me that there was no external moral judgment for the consumption of cannabis.

Since my Higher Self wished to integrate even more into my physical vessel, IT was the one sending me messages that it didn’t want me to use it anymore.

It would do this through my emotions.

HS was trying to tell me that weed and alcohol distorted my ability to connect to it and feel it fully in my body, moment to moment. The shame I felt after consuming it was merely a symptom of the disappointment we were both feeling from this hazy barrier. My negative emotion was meant to signal me that something was awry.

You see, my HS wanted me to merge with more of it. This requires raising the vibration of also the physical body.

(My lessons at the time of this writing concerned learning how to change my physical body to be able to hold more consciousness. I was becoming the Higher Self (I have since meshed with it and continue to expand).

So as you can see I was sabotaging the opportunity to merge with more of my Higher Self via a drug-induced barrier.

My depressed mood and “cobwebs” feeling meant I couldn’t reach as high or deep states in meditation for days after, didn’t have as many heart-expanding rushes of energy or downloads and couldn’t connect to Higher Dimensional Beings when I wanted to channel. It was as if the signal was blocked.

I noted that this was consistent with the feeling of a blocked signal when I would do readings for chronic weed smokers and alcoholics. It’s like a blanket on their energy field and all I see is a thick, grey cloud. I can’t download instantly for alcoholics or weed smokers like I can for others.

By playing small, I also mean that I was going 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I wasted a lot of time working to raise my vibration back up to where it was before I’d smoked.

Sometimes I even felt like I was helping the Black Hats. How happy they must have been, knowing I wasn’t stepping into my power, that I was just cutting myself off at the knees?

Now, I know some of you will comment that weed has helped you to raise your frequency, that it keeps your anxiety at bay or helps to open your chakras. I’m not saying that weed doesn’t or can’t have its usefulness, I’m saying that, based on my observations, at some point in your physiological Ascension process, it becomes a hindrance to DNA activation.

Again, this is simply a matter of frequency, not a moral judgment.

In my usual spirit of thoroughness, here are some of the other ways that I’ve found marijuana kept me playing small.

Cannabis & Motivation

Using cannabis can reduce motivation through Dopamine sensitization.The more dopamine you’re used to releasing (through consuming THC), the higher tolerance you have for dopamine. That means doing things that don’t produce as much dopamine (as smoking weed) feels boring. So you get lethargic and don’t want to do them.

Cannabis Codependency & Autopilot

As a budding Spiritual Master, you are meant to be conscious. Being able to say NO to the lower sensual pleasures of the 1st and 2nd chakras is an activity in will and the power of your mind over programs and addictions, which are automated behaviours. Abstinence is a sign of advanced will and elevated consciousness. If you can’t say no, that’s a problem.

Cannabis Numbs you to Feeling and Being Present

When you're high, you're not really present in the moment. Instead you're in an altered state, fueled by dopamine. It's easy to get side-tracked when you're stoned, and depending on what (or how much) you've smoked, you could be close to being alseep!

Being stoned all the time can numb your feelings in the same way as psychological repression. In fact, many people start smoking weed because it alleviates anxiety.

Naturally, weed helps to dull feelings of boredom, too. All this can lead to a dimming of your emotional intelligence, which is essential for communicating with your HS. This is because it ‘levels out’ your ability to know the subtleties of the different emotions you’re feeling.

Not to mention, switching to the ‘party frequency’ is an easy way to escape uncomfortable feelings that come when we're triggered, alone with our thoughts, sad, worried, anxious, shameful, or otherwise working to alchemize the Shadow or what we still need to transmute in our own and collective DNA for the benefit of humanity learning to live from the higher frequencies of love.

Incapacitates as you become more sensitive

As you progress in your bio-spiritual evolution (ascension process), you’ll notice that it’s eventually untenable to keep partying. The clearer and lighter you get, you’ll either start to become totally incapacitated by drugs and alcohol, or overstimulated to the point where you can’t sleep all night because your energy is so sensitive to the drug.

Messes with DNA Activation & the Overlay of More Light Templating

As previously discussed, if you are at the point where you are merging physiologically with your Higher Self/ Multidimensional Self, you need to raise the frequency of your physical body to support this.

If you are using a substance that vibrates at a rate that is slower than your MD Self, then that's going to affect your overall frequency and slow you down. This is also why, when you get to this stage, you need to be careful of what you consume and put next to your skin. Information is frequency, food, clothing and cosmetics all have frequency, depending what is in them.

Think Cannabis vibrates higher than your MD Self? Not in my experience. Once I gave up smoking weed, my frequency went through the roof and even more supernatural abilities came online.

So, for your Multidimensional or Higher Self to braid-in with your body, there needs to be matching resonance to support the new higher voltages that come with these template overlays.

There are also stages of template overlay; you don't braid-in all at once. For the templates to settle into the plasma body layer (inside your body), DNA activation must also occur. And DNA activation happens through frequency, nothing else.

Takes You Off-Task

Smoking weed can keep you distracted by things that you might not otherwise find very interesting, with less energy and focus for your Mission to embody Spiritual Mastery and stay firmly rooted on the Higher Timeline.

If you’re going out partying or spending hours playing video games, watching mindless YouTube videos and stuffing your face with junk food when you’re high, you’re not exactly on task now, are you? Not to mention all the things we do that lower our frequency when our "party persona" has taken over. Double whammy.

Reveals that other frequency working its magic on you

Also, if you know that weed is messing with you to your detriment, you are not aligned with the frequency of self-love. Persisting in doing something that you know harms you is not an act of self-love and it should make you question who or what is in control.

Self-destructive behaviour isn't natural. Inverted or distorted behaviour resonates to that non-human frequency that's not empathic or pro-human and doesn't care about you. There are already enough people well on their way to becoming cyborgs without you succumbing, too.

A Friendly Pep-Talk

If you’re thinking, “But, Debra, I’m not interested in Spiritual Mastery”, then I’m going to call you out and say I think you have succumbed to lower frequencies, the Lower Timeline or even inteference by negative beings. Or maybe you haven't fully committed to your mission, your evolvement, and why you chose to be here this time around.

No-one likes being told but to do. But honestly? This is NOT the incarnation for anyone to play small. You are ALL needed. We all have an important job to do. The Galactics aren't just gonna land and do it for us. We are them in the future! We are here now to do the job.

You came here to Ascend and evolve. Just because the original Ascension plan has been aborted doesn't mean that you can just give up. There's so much more you can do when your frequency is high, and not just for yourself. When you start to operate in the higher ranges and begin to embody your Multidimensional or Higher Self, you have way more sway and efficacy on the planet.

You stay on the Higher Timeline, you're protected by that, and your New Human abilities, courage and level of commitment make you a real force to be reckoned with here.

More of us are needed at this kind of level to take back our planet. This is what you came here to do. You didn't come here to channel ETs or play with Tarot cards and crystals. You came here to anchor and transmit higher frequencies, to run current into the Earth's grids, to upgrade your body and EMBODY a high-powered Human Being who the Black Hats can no longer mess with.

I hate to break it to you, but if you want to get to this kind of level where you can actually make a difference in this world, you might have to fiercely "curate" your use of weed or possibly give it up altogether.

If you think that smoking weed might be getting in the way of you expressing the full potential of who you are, then I hope this article inspires you to follow through on your hunch and just quit.

You could always try an experiment and give it up for 2 weeks and see what happens. Keeping a journal or log of some kind can help keep track of any improvements in your mood, telepathy, mental stability, levels of anxiety, dream messages, physical energy or productivity.

I'd love to hear how you did! If you tried the experiment or if you've already given up weed and can tell that you're on the upswing, please do share in the comments. Your input could help someone else also decide to quit.

If you're struggling in the 4D Shadow Phase of Awakening or think you might want some extra support giving up weed, why not book a free video chat with me?

I have lots of affordable options now to support Empaths in stepping things up in 2021. I'm happy to help point you in the right direction.

Just use the contact form and I'll get back to you in 24 hours.

with Love on your Journey

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