Auric Attachment Symptoms

Have you got unwanted astral attachments or entities siphoning your energy?

The process of Awakening begins an energetic purging process and opens one up psychically as the upper chakras begin to come on line.

This can result in feeling very raw as you begin to face your demons. It can also leave you vulnerable to psychic interference and astral vampirism, especially for empaths who don’t yet know how to manage their psychic energy.

My Auric Attachment Clearing & Chakra Balancing sessions clear up:

  • Distortions and traumatic imprints in the chakras that magnetically attract more of the same

  • Unwanted astral attachments like discarnates and entities that may be living in your chakras, siphoning off your energy and stirring up drama in your life

  • Energetic cords in the chakras that lead to energy leaks and the absorbtion of negative emotions from others

  • Persistent spiritual issues blocking you from moving forward into more health, wealth, well-being and love.

  • Ancestral spiritual issues passed down to you holographically through your DNA

  • Mends wormholes, open portals and tears that leave you susceptible to astral vampirism and loss of life force

Have you got unwanted Astral occupants, “hitchhikers”, wormholes or active vampiric cords in your chakras?

Your ability to raise your energy frequency and heal can be greatly hindered by these kinds of lower astral attachments siphoning off your energy or stirring up emotional drama in your energy field.

If you find yourself drained, confused, unhappy, on a streak of bad luck, attracting conflict or drama, relapsing into addictions or engaging in self-sabotage, an auric clearing can help clear the slate and give you a much needed re-set.

During Awakening, stagnant energy, attachments (cords) or old trauma imprinted on the chakras will worsen Awakening symptoms like anxiety, hallucinations, insomnia, digestive issues, apathy, sadness or anger as Transformative (kundalini) Energy attempts to clear whatever is in its path.

Outside of Spiritual Awakening, chakra balancing is useful when you are faced with stagnant or negative energy, or if you find yourself stuck in feedback loops where you attract the same types of experiences or relationships over and over again.

As an intuitive empath you’ll be very magnetic, and things will invariably stick to you. Regular auric clearings should be incorporated at least quarterly for those who consider themselves intuitives, healers and empaths.

You may feel stuck, very tired, without appetite or energy or ‘lust for life’. This is usually caused by an imbalance between the mental, physical and spiritual bodies but sometimes this can be due to unwanted Astral attachments like cords, entities or discarnates.

Some common signs of unwanted Astral attachments:

  • Ruminating, excessive thoughts or destructive voices

  • anxiety at times borders on paranoia

  • relapses into addiction for no reason

  • self-sabotage out of nowhere

  • uncharacteristic behaviour or emotional or aggressive outbursts that you feel ashamed of afterwards

  • frequent nightmares, “bad thoughts” or even violent images that seem to come out of nowhere

  • feeling inexplicably drained or apathetic, depressed or stuck in a rut.

With 20 years of experience dealing with unwanted entities and clearing haunted spaces, I now have a very good handle on dealing with nuisance energies.

Trained in Gustavo Castañer's Soul Alchemy Healings, my Auric Attachment Clearings powerfully align you with your Highest Good through the use of Harmonic Resonance Codes and scalar wave language, combined with my highly-attuned intuition.

Clients report feeling lighter, clearer, more connected and “back to themselves” with more energy and better sleep.

60-75 minutes, includes aftercare for 24 hours.

Zoom Video Call, or in-person on Vancouver Island.

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