A Love Letter to My Friend

I’ve been dreaming of my friend recently because there’s an elephant in the room. I’m dreaming of what’s unspoken between us because I’m bothered by it and it hasn’t been resolved yet.

Perhaps you can relate to this kind of dream: a reminder from your inner core of what’s not in alignment. At present, the fact that I am not speaking my truth with her is what’s bleeding into my dreams at night, nudging me to course correct.

My friend has over the last year or so become much more interested in material things. I have watched this and not said anything because I was hoping it was just a phase she was going through. But if I’m honest, I’m also I’m afraid she’ll turn off the ‘love tap’.

I’m afraid of losing my friend if I tell her what I really feel.

That’s why I dream of dusty, outdated floral wallpaper. There’s a wall between us, with a pretty cover on it, but if you look up close, that wallpaper needs to be cleaned and updated.

I dream of my friend wanting to merge her kitchen with mine, but she doesn’t have the basic things to cook with, just a few bowls. When I offer to gift her a set of stainless steel pots for Christmas, she declines. She wants to place plastic knives in my drawers, I tell her they don’t go with the rest of my things, which are made of metal.

That’s because, recently, the way she’s been acting, she’s not in alignment with herself. She's not been steeling herself up or being honest with herself. And that's not in alignment with my principles either.

Our relationship is silently deteriorating as a result, losing trust and connection. I’m afraid to be rejected by her and she’s avoiding me.

There’s a lot going on with my friend and I want her to know that I don’t judge her, even if I disagree with how she’s going about things right now. It doesn’t mean I think I’m better than her, and it doesn’t mean I think she’s not capable.

I know my friend doesn’t want me to mother her. But I think she’s lost the nuance of our friendship. I’m not worried about her because I think she’s incapable or that she’s a baby. She’s none of those things!

I’m concerned that she’s fallen out of alignment with herself and the laws that truly govern this planet. The new self she is rebirthing is beautiful on the outside, but that's falling flat compared to the brave, humble, hippie chick kindred spirit I met 4 years ago.

Where is my friend’s resilience? Where are the principles to be grateful for simple things? To be of service to others, and yet in balance with herself? To put in the work and not expect things to be handed over without any fuss?

We don’t live in any utopia. That's why we're here- to make it a better place.

If I can’t show my friend I care, simply by stating what I am observing about her, then what is our friendship even based on? Empty rituals? False speech? She has been avoiding me recently, not communicating her real thoughts. I sense it’s because she only wants to talk me if I'm going to positive about her goals and endeavours, and not offer any realism or point out any holes.

I know I can be pretty intense. I suspect she doesn't want to 'get into it' with me.

I get that when you’re trying to birth something, that’s a critical phase and you need cheerleaders in your corner. But when the person you’re trying to become is out of alignment, what then? Do you want your friends to be real with you, or only tell you what you want to hear?

I dream of my friend and I going to look at purses and jewelry and they are all old and outdated. When she speaks in my dream, baby sounds come out of her mouth. Although she’s speaking gibberish, I know exactly what she’s trying to tell me.

I want to tell her that I care about her and that I see her falling off the edge of a cliff if she doesn’t get back to herself soon. That I’ve seen these changes in her since working more closely with her life coach.

My friend is in love with the novelty of manifesting new things instead of being grateful for the riches she already has. I know the high you get from rebirthing yourself over and over, from making yourself shiny and new. I know how it can be a coping mechanism to avoid dealing with the hiccups that come when things start to feel stagnant, more demanding or need course correcting. I know that life can be tough sometimes.

I see my friend pushing away people and jobs she feels she’s grown out of, or that aren’t good enough for her, for want of something better.

Not realizing that the people in her life care for her and would do anything for her. You shouldn't toss them aside because you've grown tired of them or because you're frustrated. Not realizing that all good relationships have ups and downs. Getting through problems together is what brings more trust, intimacy, connection and emotional fulfilment.

Creative babies are the same. They go through ups and downs. They require time, love, attention, hard work and sacrifice to grow and become the exact vision you want. If they are bringing you a comfortable livng, they shouldn't be impulsively tossed out just because you're stuck. The thing you replace it with won't be all rainbows and roses, either.

My friend’s obsession with the Law of Attraction and bigger and better manifestations has made her superstitious. I see her playing out a false belief that if anyone says anything she deems negative towards her vision, then they are not supportive and need to be cut out.

I’ve watched her isolate herself in the name of toxic positivity, wanting only to be with those who slavishly agree with her. When will she realize good friends are hard to come by and life can be very lonely when you burn those bridges?

Recently I noticed she refused to take any calls from her family over Thanksgiving. Instead of connecting with her family authentically, she told me she wanted to avoid the possibility arising of having to explain herself.

I think she could have just decided she wouldn’t explain herself but take the calls regardless. Why not talk about something else? Why not field questions like the capable adult I know she is? There are ways to keep strong boundaries in conversation without needing to completely shut down.

My friend doesn’t like to feel uncomfortable, and doesn't seem to want to tolerate it for even short amounts of time. Nobody does! That’s not the point!

If you want to create your own reality, the point is how bright you shine as a result of the things you go through in life. You have to be strong enough to push out energies that would otherwise block you. This is what makes you a powerful manifestor.

Sometimes life is uncomfortable. Every successful person knows that there’s short term pain for long term gain and that you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

This isn’t a program about believing that life is hard. Life is only as hard as your ability to cope with what comes your way.

Ask any psychologist about what kinds of stories they hear in their offices. That’s just what goes down here on this planet. So you had better have the skills to cope with that. You need to be able to be honest with yourself so you can push through.

Wanting to avoid confrontation at all costs? Wanting to avoid sacrifice and responsibility but wanting all the fruits anyhow?

It doesn't work that way. Once you are really aligned in your integrity, things certainly manifest easier.

But you still won't get everything you want.

My friend is an incredibly strong and talented woman. I don't know why she's behaving suddenly like she's fragile and cannot handle the slightest resistance from anyone. Because if she remembered how strong she was, it wouldn't matter what anyone said to her.

Instead she's rejecting the very people who are trying to reflect back to her her potential for more greatness. Where there is room for improvement, there's room for tremendous growth. If you want to be great, you don't shirk away from your flaws. You face them.

Have the humility to lower your standards a little and you'll achieve more over time. Set lower goals and meet them. That's motivating.

There’s no virtue in being fragile.

Human beings are designed to be anti-fragile. We are emboldened and strengthened by the things we go through.

Again, I’m not judging her. I don’t think she’s less of a person, I just think she’s out of alignment with her true essence and she's forgotten how powerful she is.

Instead, I believe she's identifying with a false image, a projection of herself that is suggesting to her that she doesn't have what it takes and will never make it.

But it's a lying voice. It doesn't need to be listened to. It doesn't need to be surmounted or integrated, it needs to be seen for what it is. The false self, which is so close to being annihilated now that it is tyring to suck her back in.

It wants her to believe that she's you, so it can stay.

Because I love my friend so much, I'll say this directly. Maybe you, too have a friend or a sibling who has alos lost her way a little bit.

Material riches will never make this voice stop. It won't fill the void and it won't make you complete. You'll be in the hamster wheel, trying to soothe yourself with more and more consumption.

That's the tempation many are facing right now. Like the Devil card in the Tarot, it is the test of these times. What will you choose? Money or Integrity?

Instead, aim for the Star card, a higher ideal. Get back to your true Essence and the path of the angelic human.

This lifetime isn't about amassing great wealth. It's about higher principles. That costs no money and anyone can do it.

It’s about living with more humility with the environment, not wasting and exploiting its resources.

It’s about learning to value human connection.

It’s about bringing more peace forward by being peaceful within yourself.

It's about becoming an angelic guardian, and doing what's right to be custodians for the planet. Taking it back from those who seek to destroy it.

To my dear friend, I say this with the most love and devotion.

If you’re not aligned with that, the years ahead will be challenging than they need to be. We are in a Spiritual Awakening phase on the planet and those who are only focused on the material, or making themselves wealthy will get a harsh wakeup call.

Nature will take care of those who are aligned with these higher principles. The rest will have to sort it out on their own.

With tremendous Love on your Journey,

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