15 Ways to Protect Yourself against Energy Vampires

Updated: Mar 12

In empath coaching, I often get asked how empaths can protect their energy. There are many reasons why empaths lose energy or absorb other people’s psychic energies but first you really need to understand energy vampires.

That’s because learning to deal with energy vampires is the best way to practice the fundamental skills you need to stop leaking energy. Once you can handle an energy vampire, you’ll be better equipped to learn how to protect your energy field against other intrusions.

In today’s post we’ll explore everything you need to know about energy vampires. You’ll also get an energy vampire first aid checklist to help you protect yourself against energy vampires when you’re out shopping, at school, work, on the phone, or at home.

For this to work, though, it’s not enough to just be aware. You’ll need to get serious about putting your needs first and implementing, as often as possible, the techniques and tricks we'll cover. Then you’ll be on your way to protecting yourself against energy vampires.

Advanced techniques take more time to master, but there are some things you can do right now to protect yourself against energy vampires so let’s jump right in.

First, what is an energy vampire?

Clearly we’re not talking about vampires that suck your blood and sleep in coffins during the day. Energy vampire is a term used to describe a person who sucks your energy or drains your life force. It’s someone who, at the core, doesn’t have enough “juice”, or the ability to connect to the source of all life. So they need to draw on the life force of others, just like a parasite.

Energy vampires can turn up in your close circle of friends, at work, or in your family dynamic so it’s important to be delicate if you want to preserve these important relationships or your reputation.

For the most part, energy vampires don’t realize they are engaging in this kind of behavior so be careful with your use of the term energy vampire. You can protect yourself and learn energy vampire first aid without stirring up a lot of drama or burning bridges.

Different types of energy vampires

How do you know you’re dealing with an energy vampire? Here are a few examples of how energy vampires steal your energy.

Energy vampires can be relentlessly needy and good at wearing you down. Some people are big complainers and suck the life out of you with their negativity, inability to move forward or refusal to accept blame for problems they create.

There are those drama kings & queen “friends” who are always in some kind of trouble or drama and come to you for help and to vent, demanding your emotional attention. But when they ask you for advice, rarely will they take the advice you offer them. Here you can see the energy vampire’s addictive cycle of using others to make themselves feel better so they don’t have to take action to change their circumstances. For more on this kind of energy leak, read my post “Empaths and Energy Leaks”.

In codependent relationships with energy vampires, it can feel like you’re doing all the heavy lifting while they just coast along, reaping the benefits of your kindness and generosity. Leeches and over-takers fall into this category.

Energy vampires can be very talkative, talking AT you. The whole time you’re expending energy to give them your undivided attention, a talker won't give you any space to express yourself. There’s no room to breathe, which will exhaust you. Essentially the eyes are on them and they feed on the attention they are given.

One of the most common ways a controller will steal energy from someone is through emotional manipulation. Making someone feel ashamed, stupid, or angry can feed an energy vampire with feelings of dominance and power while the other has a meltdown. People who have been abused by narcissists can also unconsciously adopt this behavior from their abuser.

In the worst cases, energy vampires deceive or otherwise dishonestly place unwitting participants in precarious situations for their own benefit. They might steal your time, money, friends, or the credit for a job you did. They don’t care how you feel about whatever transpires and the betrayal you feel will result in a loss of lifeforce. Narcissists and sociopaths are notorious for this.

Being aware of the different ways energy vampires will try to steal your energy can help you keep strong emotional boundaries when you spot this behavior and not fall victim to their ploys.

Here are 9 tell-tale signs you’ve been hanging out with an energy vampire

  1. you’re left feeling physically, mentally or emotionally drained

  2. unexplained, sudden anxiety

  3. feeling angry and resentful after an exchange for no apparent reason

  4. dreading contact with someone or feeling anxious about seeing them

  5. wanting to numb yourself, escape or avoid life after being together

  6. picking up a bad habit again after a period of abstinence after spending longer periods with a vampire

  7. feeling empty after sex

  8. feeling spacey, lightheaded, unable to focus or forgetting what you’re talking about when you’re with someone

  9. physical stiffness or soreness in the side of the neck or in the shoulders where there wasn’t pain before

How can I protect myself against energy vampires?

Now that you recognize some of the signs of losing energy to an energy vampire, here are 15 ways to protect yourself

  1. make sure you’re not feeling depleted, emotionally vulnerable, tired or ill before you engage with a known energy vampire

  2. pull your energy field in and ground before you go out, especially to crowded places

  3. be aware of your body at all times when talking with one, especially your feet on the ground. You can also cross your arms over your stomach or chest

  4. learn the Eden Energy Medicine daily routine and use it regularly

  5. find someone with healthy boundaries you can emulate and ask, what would they do?

  6. end relationships with toxic people who don’t show improvement on respecting your boundaries (that you articulated to them!)

  7. keep phone calls with energy vampires short and light- under 15 minutes

  8. go to their house so you can leave when you want

  9. don’t let people talk AT you

  10. limit drug and alcohol use, which create tears in your auric field, leaving you more susceptible to energy vampires

  11. take time out to be alone and recharge often

  12. get out into nature to regroup, especially if you're often on electronic devices.

  13. swim in the ocean if possible or take an epsom salt bath after being around a vampire

  14. practice qi gong to learn more about cultivating your life force and sensing your energy field

  15. learn to properly clear your field or go see a professional for a clearing

Did you enjoy this article on energy vampires? Did you learn something about energy vampires that you didn't know before? Please share in the comments!

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