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Spiritual Awakening is only the Beginning

Learn how to become your most powerful Self for these times


I feel so blessed to have collided with Debra on my path at the point that I did. Debra has a very warm, nurturing energy and is very articulate in the way she delivers her intuitive insights. I would recommend connecting with Debra if you feel stuck on your path or are ready to take a deeper dive into your personal healing. Debra is talented, highly intuitive and was able to read things about me that really surprised me! Thank you Debra for all of your guidance!

Heather, Ontario, Canada

Meet Debra

No matter what stage of Spiritual Awakening you’re in, I can help. After a spontaneous Kundalini Spiritual Awakening in 1999, my life was turned upside down. In my healing journey since then I’ve unlocked intuitive powers I never knew possible. Gifts I now use to help others navigate these challenging times and embody the New Multidimensional Human.

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