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Can I get a recording of our session?

If you'd like to have your session recorded, I can send that to you for an extra $10.

Can I book an in-person session?

Yes! If you are on Vancouver Island, you may visit me for in-person psychic intuitive readings and intuitive energy healing.

What are your abilities?

I am an energy intuitive, adept at reading and clearing energy patterns. Please note I do not perform mediumship readings, call upon spirit guides or talk to the dead.


I draw upon my multidimensional abilities during sessions to tap into your field, like a laser, with very little effort. 

This has to do partly with my being a "projector" in Human Design, as well as the tremendous amount of personal work I've done to clear my own patterns and conditioning. So that now I function like a mirror in readings, reflecting back to you what I perceive in your field. This happens very easily and quickly as long as we can both connect on the same frequency. 

I also have the ability to help purify and activate others. In fact, "I" am not really doing it. The Eternal, Intelligent Love Field (what we have called God or Source) does it for us and your Multidimensional Self will direct the energy where it is needed most. When we are both attuned to this frequency, quantum healing can occur that defies logic.


On this much higher frequency I can also communicate with nature (trees, water, etc.) and see into other space-time coordinates. 

I don't need to be in the same room with you to read or clear energy. I can work remotely through the quantum field.

Can you predict the future?

The future is a set of energetic potentialities. It is not fixed because it follows quantum laws that have shown how our participation shapes our reality. It has been scientifically proven that human beings can influence their own reality on the quantum level. Therefore, your individual experiences are malleable and are not set in stone.  

Your choices and your unconscious patterns determine what happens in the future. Some patterns are more ingrained, even carried over from your ancestors and other lifetimes, and are easier to read by psychic intuitives. I perceive what I expect will happen in the future based on the energetic patterns I sense. Yet you always have the ability to change your future through your choices. So your future changes according to where you put your energy and the choices you’re constantly making as you evolve.  

Will you tell me things I don't want to know?

Maybe. But usually if you don't want to 'be read', or if there is information you don't really want to know, you can appear 'cloaked' and out of respect, I won't push to see. You MUST invite me into the topics you want me to read. This is why I insist that you come to session with questions.


Because I have spent so much time transmuting my own patterns, I am now very clear and function like a mirror. So when you ask me a question, I automatically reflect back to you the answer that is coming through from the Source. In this way you can 'steer' your own reading.


I work this way also so I don't tell you things you truly don't want to know the answers to, which can be quite intrusive. 


But let's say I see something unpleasant in your field that you have not asked me about.  Will I tell you about it?  I will make that judgment with the greatest care. What if what I can see alerts you to some danger? I will tell you to keep you out of harm's way.


I read for YOUR HIGHEST GOOD. It is the guiding force behind all my interactions with clients. 


I am known for being very plainspoken and I realize it can be difficult to hear things you don't want to. But with this truth comes clarity and space for better things.


Once you shine the light of consciousness on something hidden, you start to transmute it. Once something has been illuminated, it begins to lighten in mass. This is very beneficial to raising your vibration and why my intuitive energy readings can be so healing.

Can you tell me about a person I want information on?

That depends on your interactions with them and your intentions. Do you want to know for the purpose of gossiping or holding information for leverage? I can obviously sense these things.

It is important to learn to let go of the need to control others. We should focus on improving our own lives and leave behind patterns like meddling, rescuing and fixing, or dishonest behaviors meant to gain advantage over others in relationships.

My consultations are always conducted via the Heart gateway with the purest intentions. To access the real wisdom beyond this gate, I cannot and will not deviate from my own integrity.  Please do not book with me to get the dirt on your enemies. Your reading will be cut short and your money will not be refunded.

What preparations should I take before our session?

Take the time to write down some open-ended questions. You may ask me absolutely anything about relationships, wellness, career, wealth, creativity, productivity and spirituality. 


In the 24 hours leading up to our reading, drink lots of water. This will help you assimilate the transfer of any higher dimensional frequencies.

Also note: if you are a chronic drinker or marijuana smoker, there might be some difficulty in connecting to your energy.

In my experience as an energy intuitive, I find that chronic drug or alcohol use affects the integrity of your energy field, leading to unnecessary blockages and psychic interference. For best accuracy and your value for money, I suggest a sobriety period for at least a week before booking with me. 

Have a question?

Leave me a message and I'll get back to you in 24 hours

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Carl G. Jung

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