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Here's your official warning

I'm not your typical New Age energy intuitive. There's a lot in the New Age that I disagree with, and I have no qualms about calling bullshit when I smell it.

I am a high frequency energy intuitive and my ability to read patterns is very accurate. But before working with me, know that I can carry 'strong medicine'. This means that I might tell you things you don't necessarily want to hear but that help purify any illusions that are holding you back.

The people who are drawn to my work are usually ambitious, clear-thinking, getter done kind of people who aren't afraid of the truth. 

​All of my consultations combine my 20 years’ experience with a direct line to be able to chat with YOUR Higher Dimensional Self to help align you with your highest potential right now.​

Unlike many other professional energy intuitives who’ve whittled down to a protocol, I insist on taking your questions. 

When you ask me a question that you want the answer to, like a mirror, I reflect back to you answers from the Source. Your participation also keeps me from seeing things you really don't want answers to, which can be intrusive.

In this way, you can steer our session for your Highest Good.

Here are my current offerings. Oh, and since I write, don't forget to check out the blog.

with Love on your Journey

x Debra


Prices in Canadian Dollars

  • Stabilize in your Awakening and advance quickly through entrainment.

    45 min

    350 Canadian dollars
  • Ready for a deep dive? Ask me anything, this is all about YOU.

    1 hr

    140 Canadian dollars
  • Best for a quick tuneup on one topic or a set of quick questions.

    30 min

    70 Canadian dollars
  • Intuitive support for you and your empath or starseed child

    1 hr

    140 Canadian dollars
  • Intuitive Guidance for You and Your Teen

    1 hr

    140 Canadian dollars