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Online or in-person in Nanaimo

Welcome, Empath!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Before you jump to my services below, there are some things you should know before you book an energy healing or reading with me. 

 I'm not your typical psychic in the traditional sense.

 I don't do fortune telling, read cards or talk to the dead. 

Instead, use my Multidimensionality to read patterns and probabilities in your energy field.

I call this reading your "Eckasha", which is a kind of fluid, living record.

My specialty is zoning into energy signatures in detail.

This requires your participation and why you must come with questions

or be prepared to discuss issues you want clarity on.

If you try to test me by withholding, I will not be able to offer as much insight.

The best readings happen when we can form a deeper connection, out of trust.

The more we can connect, the better your reading will be.

In readings I might tell you things you don't necessarily want to hear but that help purify any illusions that are holding you back. I know this can be a bit jarring sometimes but in fact it's often why people come to see me. They want to make changes, they want to be better, they want to KNOW. 


Those who are drawn to my work are usually brave, ambitious, clear-thinking individuals who aren't afraid of getting to the bottom of things. 

Just to be clear, all interactions with me will have a healing effect, to different degrees.

You might experience mild purging effects (a lot of feels) the day after a session or you could feel very tired.  This is a normal reaction and actually a good indication you're working with a high frequency guide. Remember that this is a clearing effect and once it passes you'll feel lighter and clearer. 

In-person & Online Sessions

  • Auric balance & energy systems clean up

    45 min

    90 Canadian dollars
  • Advanced level support for your metamorphosis

    1 hr

    120 Canadian dollars
  • What hidden messages have your chakras got to tell you?

    1 hr 15 min

    200 Canadian dollars
  • Bring your mate to this magical date

    1 hr

    150 Canadian dollars
  • Best for a quick energy tuneup and a couple of questions

    30 min

    60 Canadian dollars
  • Save when you book this bundle

    45 min

    250 Canadian dollars

Debra is everything and more. A real and true gift in anyone’s life. She shares her gifts with you and unlocks your own.

Taya, British Columbia

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