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Like most of my visitors, you’ve probably experienced a Spiritual Awakening in some form or other and you’re looking for some support.

Whether you need help making sense of your Near Death Experience, Kundalini Awakening or Starseed Activation, I can help.

And not just because I am a fully open intuitive channel and healer.

Being able to have a direct conversation with your Higher Self? That’s just a bonus. 

But because I went through my Spiritual Awakening more than 20 years ago and let me tell you, it was NO picnic.



My acute Spiritual Awakening phase lasted 9 weeks with intense emotional and energetic side effects that we now call Kundalini Syndrome.

After the Kundalini energy died down and I stabilized, I didn't return to work for 6 months.

My Spiritual Awakening was spontaneous and completely unexpected and I simply wasn’t prepared for it psychologically or physically.

I had no idea what was happening to me as I underwent radical personality changes and a huge paradigm shift.

Everything in my life changed- my health, my relationships, my priorities and goals. I’d never relate to the world in the same way again.

Does that sound familiar?

Despite the upheaval, I was also very lucky that I was only in my twenties at the time and had no family to support. I had the chance to really dive deep into my healing.

There was nothing stopping me so that’s what I did.

With excruciating Virgo dedication, I embarked on my spiritual journey.

Ok, so maybe I got a little obsessed with it.

But, I knew that it was my journey to do so. Now, with some distance, I can fully see how my Spiritual Awakening fits into the grander story of my life. 

My  Awakening was a gift to align me with my soul purpose and it opened up a whole new dimension of meaning.



But do you know what the worst thing about Spiritual Awakening was?

After the joy and bliss faded, I was left hyperaware... of how broken I was.

There were so many emotional wounds- attachments, trauma, unconscious patterns, conditioned beliefs. 

I thought, “No one else can fix this but me”. 

Back then, I felt really alone. None of my family or friends could point me in the right direction. Even the medical establishment turned me away when I refused their pretty pink pills.

I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. Can you believe there was no Google or Youtube back in those days?

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In 1999 Kundalini Syndrome was not a well-known term.

Hell, I didn’t even know what to call what had happened to me. 

Before my Awakening, I was a chronically depressed and self-destructive nihilist, not an aspiring mystic.

From one day to the next, I went from thinking life meant only suffering and death to being able to see Spirits and irrefutably knowing that I was pure consciousness inhabiting a human body.

Talk about a shock!

I spent another 2 years stumbling around, trying to integrate this newfound “soul awareness”. 

All I had for help was a tattered copy of a book on Transcendental Meditation and a cassette tape my friend’s mom made me on hypnotic relaxation.

That’s it. 

The turnaround came for me when, after 2 years of disciplined daily meditation, I established a direct line to my Higher Self. 

(The HS is a higher aspect of your consciousness that lives in a higher dimension and can only be accessed once you’ve opened one of the upper morphogenetic chakras). 

And as I learned to test and trust the information I was receiving from my HS, I watched in amazement as my career, relationships and health all began to flourish.

What began was a highly rewarding (and ongoing) journey of discovery, healing, co-creation and, eventually, Mastery of the Lower Self.

Oh, and something else happened, too. Can you guess what it is?

I unlocked a slew of intuitive gifts. And I’m still unlocking them.



Yet in the 20 years since my Spiritual Awakening, I’ve developed intuitive abilities I never thought possible.

Skills I now use to help people like yourself with their spiritual growth.

Like the abilities to

  • clear through my energy field and activate others 

  • remote view and travel interdimensionally

  • talk directly to your Multidiemsnional Self and your other Higher Dimensional Aspects (aka Guides)

  • communicate telepathically with Nature Spirits and Spirit Totems

  • act as a medium for unborn babies and their future parents

You can read more about my abilities here on my FAQ page.

But none of these abilities just switched on without me first “preparing the soil”.

In addition to clearing the way for DNA activation through intense cellular release, I was tested by some big spiritual initiations.

I had to prove not only my integrity, but my courage, you see.

In my quest for Spiritual Self Mastery, I’ve explored myriad self-help modalities that I now draw upon in my consultations with clients.

From crystals and sound healing to EFT, holistic nutrition to hypnosis, Keylontic Science, Eden Energy Medicine to Shamanic Dreamwork and Jungian Depth Psychology, I vetted all sorts of tools before they went into my spiritual toolbox.  

I’ve read hundreds of books and spent thousands of dollars to learn what works for spiritual healing and what doesn’t .  

Just so YOU don’t have to. 

Now combine this practical knowledge with an ability to tune into your current energy signature with uncanny accuracy.

What you get is an incredibly powerful session that WILL help you raise your vibration and take you to the next level in your spiritual evolution. 

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Check out some of my articles  or testimonials  to see if I’m the right Guide for you. Or, just contact me with your questions to see if we’re a good fit.

People all over the world are waking up and they are seeking guidance in their quest to understand Spiritual Awakening and Personal Ascension.

This is why I’m coming forward now.

I’m being asked to do more than just anchor higher frequencies. I’m being asked to teach, mentor and guide others during an unprecedented time in human history. 

But without having done the inner work myself, I wouldn’t be able to help anyone else.

This is not the kind of work you can bullshit through, not at this level.

This isn’t fortune telling; I don’t read tarot cards or tea leaves.

This is about YOU making sense of your Spiritual Awakening. 

This is about YOU starting a whole new chapter of wonder, mystery and exploration to co-create your own reality.

This is about YOU aligning with your Soul purpose to help change the world.  And I don’t take that lightly.

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A Spiritual Awakening is a highly coveted gift and many spend years in dedication hoping to achieve it.

I believe if you’ve been touched by Awakening, you’ve been called to bring your special brand of healing to the world.

But I also believe you can’t change the world until you change yourself. 

Spiritual Awakening is about changing the world from the inside out, one person at a time. 

So, if you want to help heal the world with your Awakening  (not everyone is up to the task!) and you are driven and open to learning, I urge you to stick around and see what I have to offer.

Don’t know yet what your unique healing gifts are? Work With Me to Find out.

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Even though I identify as an Indigo Guardian, I'm not your typical syrupy New Age energy intuitive.

There's a lot in the New Age that I disagree with, and I have no qualms about calling bullshit when I smell it.

That’s why you’ll find a ton of no-nonsense articles here to get the extra spiritual support you need. 

For those of you in the throes of Kundalini Awakening, I urge you to download my free Awakening Survival Guide.

All of my consultations combine my 20 years’ experience with a direct line to be able to chat with YOUR Higher Self to help align you with your Highest Potential right now.

And unlike many other professional intuitives who’ve whittled down to a protocol, I insist on taking your questions. 

This has to do with the Law of Free Will. When a client asks a question, it is understood at the Spiritual Level that they are asking for answers, and I can go much deeper that way.

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with Love on your Awakening Journey

x Debra

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